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Season 3

27 Sep. 1961
Take Off Your Hat When a Funeral Passes
After a military style armored car robbery has left six people dead, including two NYPD cops, the gang's leader is identified. Lt. Parker insists that a reluctant Det. Flint seek leads to the ringleader's whereabouts from a troubled ex-partner of the criminal. The ex-partner is consumed with guilt over having been an informant once before.
4 Oct. 1961
Dead on the Field of Honor
A 35 year old man, raised by his cultured Southern grandmother to be a "man of honor", has not had fortune shine upon him. He becomes unbalanced and begins to use a dueling pistol to right wrongs in his "field of honor" - Central Park. The bizarre shootings are thoroughly looked into by the NYPD as the man's mental state worsens.
11 Oct. 1961
The Corpse Ran Down Mulberry Street
After a car wreck between a truck and a hearse, a "corpse" gets up and walks away. The casket used was really a "submarine" - a means to smuggle an illegal immigrant into the U.S. The Undertaker tied to the incoming delivery did not know his "fixer" friend was also having something else illegally brought into the country.
18 Oct. 1961
The Fingers of Henri Tourelle
A business owner is killed by gunshot in his office. The person who fired the shot couldn't have left the premises before the police arrived to investigate, but the responsible gunman proves elusive.
1 Nov. 1961
A Wednesday Night Story
A pretty Swedish-born governess alerts the NYPD of her fear that there may be fatal consequences of the increasingly violent arguments between her employers.Det. Flint and Sgt. Arcaro investigate and find that there may be something to what she has reported.What they don't know is that the governess is not as innocent as she seems.
8 Nov. 1961
The Tragic Success of Alfred Tiloff
Kidnappers target a millionaire to pay the ransom for their victim, a young girl from a poor family. The criminals are a husband who's failed at everything he's tried and a still-ambitious wife who'll leave him if he won't go along with her scheme. The child's mother is afraid to go to the police, but a nosy neighbor pieces together the story for the detectives. The husband is torn about the crime, because he loves children, but his wife is bitter from having to parent her younger siblings.
15 Nov. 1961
Which Is Joseph Creeley?
A man sentenced to die for the coldblooded murder of another man, is given an operation to remove a tumor from his brain. When the tumor is removed, he becomes a docile individual with no memory of the murder he committed. He is retried. Will he be found not guilty this time?
22 Nov. 1961
Show Me the Way to Go Home
A young man with emotional problems becomes violent when his mother wants him to be mentally evaluated at Bellevue. After assaulting her boyfriend, the NYPD attempts to find him - and his missing knife. Meanwhile, he is attracted to a charitable girl who is trying to help a confused old woman to find her way home.
29 Nov. 1961
The Hot Minerva
The 65th Precinct's detectives take a crash course in the art underworld to recover an ancient statue of the goddess Athena. Who'd steal the hot Minerva, when they can never display it ? The gang of thieves are led by an odd couple who model themselves after Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, but look more like Wall Street CPAs. The museum's curator is not much help, because she's perfectly willing to pay a ransom for the statue she worships, no questions asked.
6 Nov. 1961
Requiem for a Sunday Afternoon
Shoemaker Anthony Scarzi, the much older husband of Josephine Ametto Scarzi, his wife of two years, struggles with her unfaithfulness and her desire to annul their marriage.
13 Dec. 1961
Ooftus Goofus
George Bick is a 40 year old who never grew up. Fed up with his anonymous life and his henpecking wife, he decides to make the world notice him. He becomes the prankster known as "Ooftus Doofus"
27 Dec. 1961
Bridge Party
A determined and utterly logical retiree wants an agreement to raise a drawbridge honored by a railroad - no matter what. When the railroad makes a series of trumped up charges against the man, Lt. Parker finds his tolerance of aggravation is at the breaking point. Det. Arcaro losing a prisoner on an elevator was bad enough.
3 Jan. 1962
The Face of the Enemy
Highly-decorated veteran, Cornelius 'Neil' Daggett (Jack Warden), has deteriorated from hero to alcoholic bum since the end of the war, having alienated his wife and family. He desperately wants to again become a hero to them, but his efforts turn into tragedy.
10 Jan. 1962
Portrait of a Painter
A mentally-disturbed young painter (William Shatner) confesses to murdering his wife, who was found on the floor of his studio. But the detectives seek to establish, with the help of the painter's psychiatrist, the full set of details that the painter cannot seem to recollect, which could prove either his guilt or innocence.
17 Jan. 1962
The Night the Saints Lost Their Halos
A middle-aged neighborhood doctor faces a moral dilemma after a young man, Joey (Peter Fonda), who is like a son to her, and his friend Phillip (Martin Sheen) break into a fire-damaged haberdashery, and Phillip gets shot and wounded.
24 Jan. 1962
The Contract
Both the fiance and the guardian of a beautiful dead young woman claim to have murdered her, and it's up to the detectives to discover who's telling the truth.
31 Jan. 1962
One of the Most Important Men in the Whole World
A widowed gangster is being challenged for custody of his son by his sister in-law. To show the court that he is a positive influence the gangster needs to convince his son's teacher to change a failing grade to an "A". The teacher is stubborn and the gangster offers the tempting bribe of a chorus girl.
7 Feb. 1962
A Case Study of Two Savages
Two newlyweds from Arkansas, honeymoon in New York City. Their happy time is interrupted by the husband's continual penchant for murder and robbery as a means of getting what he wants for himself and his bride.
14 Feb. 1962
Let Me Die Before I Wake
A psychologically-troubled moving company owner (Jack Klugman) discovers some troubling truths about his family after a young girl is injured by a hit-and-run truck driver who was really targeting him.
28 Feb. 1962
To Walk Like a Lion
An embezzler who stole to finance his mother's medical care runs into trouble while trying to end his scheme and return the leftover money.
7 Mar. 1962
Today the Man Who Kills Ants Is Coming
A mentally-stressed police officer suffers a debilitating breakdown over his family's poor financial condition, catalyzed by missing button on his uniform.
14 Mar. 1962
A Run for the Money
A middle aged hired killer,who committed his first murder for pay at age 14,is hunted both by organized crime which has put out a contract on his life and the police.Needing a bankroll for leaving the country,the killer hires an "arm".The expert craps player he has chosen to win him money is as unpredictable as the roll of the dice.
21 Mar. 1962
The One Marked Hot Gives Cold
A man steals records from the orphanage where he grew up, hoping to find his father. At the same time, the age of his young female companion gets him in trouble with the police.
28 Mar. 1962
Without Stick or Sword
A Burmese Buddhist sailor (William Shatner) seeks revenge upon a ship's captain (Martin Balsam) who refused to pick up the sailor's younger brothers at sea, leaving them to perish.
11 Apr. 1962
Lament for a Dead Indian
A man recently released from prison comes to NYC to get his friend to join him in running a farm. He is warned that his "partner" is bad news by Flint and Arcaro. The friend is not interested in leaving NYC and is heavily involved in the rackets-including murder. The man tragically tries to help his friend.
25 Apr. 1962
The Sweetly Smiling Face of Truth
A Broadway agent dies in an actress' apartment and the detectives must discern who among those present is telling the truth: the actress, the married actor with whom she is having an affair, or the actor's chauffeur.
9 May 1962
..And If Any Are Frozen, Warm Them!..
Detective Flint strives to stop his aging Romanian friend from using his big wedding party as cover for a bank robbery.
16 May 1962
Strike a Statue
A renowned sculptor "immortalizing a moment in time" of a reviled European dictator is warned to stop working on the project. The men warning him, formerly supporters of the dictator but presently seeking his overthrow, are violent. The sculptor refuses to cease working as to him Art is not involved in politics.
23 May 1962
The Multiplicity of Herbert Konish
Mild-mannered Herbert Konish is living multiple simultaneous and separate lives, stumping the detectives who are trying to figure out exactly who he is and what crimes he may have committed.
30 May 1962
The King of Venus Will Take Care of You
A man wanted by the police for robbery and murder is trapped in a tenement neighborhood.He crosses from building to building via rooftops and eventually hides in a water tank enclosure.The "king" of the neighborhood,a young fatherless boy,may or may not help him to escape from the police dragnet.
6 Jun. 1962
The Rydecker Case
Adam and an inexperienced D.A. attempt to prosecute the well-connected fiancé of a wealthy New York scion. Adam wonders just who is on trial and gets an education in Justice.
13 Jun. 1962
Memory of a Red Trolley Car
A chemistry professor develops mental confusion symptoms after being exposed to a dangerous chemical spill, and the detectives race against the clock to find him before his condition deteriorates fatally.
20 Jun. 1962
Goodbye Mama, Hello Auntie Maud
Chauffeur snuffs his employer with roses, by forcing them in her face as the allergic dowager lies ill. Her agoraphobic daughter is ecstatic that now she'll never have to leave the mansion she loves, but torn over losing her harsh mother. Lt. Parker, a family friend, comforts the young heiress, but she immediately finds more succor in the arms of Harry, the handsome devil in the driver's seat. Flint pushes an objective view of the case on Lt. Parker.

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