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Season 2

12 Oct. 1960
A Death of Princes
Detective walks from icing surrendering shooter Gimpy, so his commander asks Adam to volunteer to spy him. Adam struggles with taking the assignment on gun-happy comrade Bane, whose jacket includes 2 other recent kills, but many medals. Soon, the Shakespeare-quoting detective holds a clandestine meet with a playboy, a boxer, and a terrified woman: each fears Bane will reveal their separate crimes. Is Bane a rogue cop or is he pursuing bigger fish ?
19 Oct. 1960
The Pedigree Sheet
The investigation of a car wreck reveals two dead men (one killed by a bullet) and a survivor - a petulant, uncooperative young girl. Lt. Parker finds she holds the key to the NYPD proving jury tampering in a murder case. Her alcoholic father, once a prominent attorney, helps to unravel the girl's recent past to get to the truth.
26 Oct. 1960
A Succession of Heartbeats
A millionaire playboy is murdered in his luxury apartment-along with a married woman. A "black book" filled with ladies telephone numbers doesn't include all of his conquests, including a woman who later confesses to the murders. Adam finds holes in her story and eventually plays a hunch which causes a suspects alibi to fail.
2 Nov. 1960
Down the Long Night
Norman Garry is harassed by former neighbor Max Evar. Evar,an "expert on horror", lost his family due to a fire he holds Garry responsible for. Garry asks the NYPD for help and Det. Flint becomes interested in the case. The discovery that Evar was recently released from a mental hospital heightens the drama.
9 Nov. 1960
To Walk in Silence
A blue blood Wall Street investment manager witnesses a shooting. Afraid for his reputation,he stubbornly refuses to aid the NYPD in their investigation. After other possible witnesses have been killed and his daughter is kidnapped a difficult decision awaits him - shall he cooperate even with his daughter's life at risk?
16 Nov. 1960
Killer with a Kiss
A young man working at Bellevue Hospital, at the Mental Ward, has a neurosis himself. He harbors a deep seated hatred of his deceased military hero father, whom he blames for his mother's death. This has culminated in a twisted pattern of revenge. He lures uniformed policemen by faking emergencies and then murders them.
23 Nov. 1960
Debt of Honor
Murder during a poker game heist, doesn't faze the second biggest loser at the table. It's just hours before his betrothed arrives from Sicily via arranged marriage, but slick gambler Mori is blasé about that too. Detective Flint takes his actress girlfriend Libby dancing in the streets at Mori's wedding party, to find out who the robbers are, before they get killed the old way.
30 Nov. 1960
The Human Trap
A wealthy playboy is dead from an icepick wound. He died in the upscale apartment of a woman whose ex-husband is a notorious gambling czar. The lady freely admits she killed the playboy - in defending her daughter from his advances. Lt. Parker and Det. Flint have the same feeling - "something about her story stinks".
14 Dec. 1960
The Man Who Bit a Diamond in Half
Dying crook Wicklow heists a museum's entire diamond exhibit. A gemologist sneers that the rocks are well-known to be plastic duplicates. Why pull an elaborate Rififi and kill a guard for such paste, the detectives wonder ? Simultaneously, a controlling, crass millionaire and his dim, beauty queen wife's comical war over her obsession for expensive baubles reaches crescendo.
4 Jan. 1961
Bullets Cost Too Much
A series of armed robberies made by four masked men eventually lead to a bar killing and public "second guessing" of Adam's handling of the situation. At the same time a resident doctor has his brother pressure him to help treat one of the hold-up men who has been shot. Adam and the NYPD doggedly pursue the case.
4 Jan. 1961
Murder Is a Face I Know
Hitman's arrest destroys his double life as a small businessman who earned his new community's respect. Hurting the most is his son, a university basketball ace who worships his father, and can't believe that he's such a stony, experienced assassin. How did the Russian Jewish refugee become an organized crime trigger-man ?
18 Jan. 1961
Landscape with Dead Figures
A talented artist who does not know his identity is a prisoner in a sanitarium. His long-term captivity ends due to the mention of an artist's name in the newspaper and a fluke opportunity to escape.He makes his way to Manhattan to see an auction of work by the man named in the paper-a man who died 20 years ago.
1 Feb. 1961
A Hole in the City
Armored car robbers vanish across from Yankee Stadium, so Lt. Busti dragnets the neighborhood, house-to-house. Brutal gang mastermind Nunda has much more to worry about, because he's barged into his aunt's flat, and she brings back all his hideous Bronx past which kept him away so long.
8 Feb. 1961
The Well-Dressed Termite
A shady businessman's junior partner takes it upon himself to order the death of a blackmailer. The junior partner has also schemed to reunite his boss and estranged wife. These "favors" lead to a fatal chain of events which no one, including the junior partner, could possibly have predicted.
15 Feb. 1961
The Day It Rained Mink
Four people, involved in the Manhattan fur trade, join together to steal fur coats valued at over $1,000,000 from a fashion show held at the Governor Clinton Hotel. The thieves have various motives for committing the crime. The ringleader's plan to leave his long-time wife for a tempestuous model complicates matters.
22 Feb. 1961
Button in the Haystack
Ex-con panics when his own loan shark gets killed at his gas station. He tosses his own gun onto a passing truck, doubting the police will buy his story. Idealistic young Det. Adam Flint believes he's chasing justice for a reformed businessman, but everyone one else in the bureau feels he's chasing a phantom. After all, how many thousands of trucks passed through the Naked City that day ?
1 Mar. 1961
Shoes for Vinnie Winford
A rich-kid,Mama's boy is ignored by the Board of Directors when made President of his deceased father's corporation. The young "Napoleon" however already has a business where he is paid strict attention to. He secretly owns a Burlesque house and physically abuses the women at his whim-until the NYPD seeks to find a missing "dancer".
8 Mar. 1961
The Deadly Guinea Pig
An investigation into the shooting deaths of an NYPD uniformed patrolman and a citizen leads to a tangled web of ex-Nazi's and concentration camp survivors. A deadly game of cat-and-mouse between the two groups is slowly uncovered by Lt. Parker, Sgt. Arcaro and Det. Flint as the body count climbs.
15 Mar. 1961
Vengeance Is a Wheel
Security guard's murder during a burglary mobilizes his huge, close-knit Sicilian family. One of the watchman's sons wants the 65th Precinct's detectives to track the dockside killers who stole a rare oil used for perfume, all other kin vote to take revenge by themselves. They start with the French perfumer, who lost his whole season's rose oil supply.
22 Mar. 1961
The Fault in Our Stars
An actor, down on his luck, resorts to murder in order to raise the cash needed to pay his rent.
5 Apr. 1961
Tombstone for a Derelict
Four young men decide to make known their concern about the problems of the world. They use a unique method to get everyone's attention - they randomly murder derelicts and leave clues that will lead back to themselves. The four believe strongly in their cause and will sacrifice their lives. Are they sane or hopelessly mad?
12 Apr. 1961
A Memory of Crying
A man bereft of any human emotions goes off the deep end when his young wife dies in childbirth.
19 Apr. 1961
New York to L.A.
Det. Flint and Lt. Busti head to Los Angeles to extradite two sociopath brothers to face robbery and murder charges back in New York.
26 Apr. 1961
A Very Cautious Boy
A gangland syndicate headed by lawyer Roy Baxter has been collecting protection money from Joe and Mama Ganoulian, owners of a local restaurant. The Ganoulians hire protection called Lee Staunton to free them from the extortionists.
3 May 1961
Economy of Death
An old couple are swindled and lied to by a fellow Hungarian refugee who claimed to have contact with their granddaughter behind the Iron Curtain.After being exposed,the man names a community activist now living in NYC who committed a worse crime-a crime which led to the death of 100 families in 1956 Hungary.
10 May 1961
A high school Chemistry teacher has an argument with his wife, gets drunk, decides to "blow her up" and in the school lab makes a nitroglycerin "bomb". After he has been missing for two days and sobers up he realizes something-he doesn't remember where he left the nitro! With the NYPD's help a desperate search begins.
17 May 1961
Make-Believe Man
Officer Gode informs the detectives that one of his homeless men, a Frank Manfred, has disappeared and that some of the other Bowery citizens say he was kidnapped. The detectives are skeptical but follow up. Manfred has become the pawn in a South American Revolution. He is being used by Carlos Ruldan to impersonate a revolutionary leader named Colonel Bryar whom the people loved. When men with South American ties begin turning up dead the detectives believe there may be something to this kidnapping story.
24 May 1961
To Dream Without Sleep
A lonely woman falls in love with a man she meets through an escort service. Assuming they will marry,she becomes hysterical and accidentally stabs him upon finding out that he is already married.Desperate and in a panic,she tries to figure out what to do while at the same time the NYPD tracks her down.
31 May 1961
A Kettle of Precious Fish
A well organized team of extortionists kidnap a group of businessmen on a chartered fishing boat. Ransom amounts and instructions are phoned to the victims' wives. The NYPD becomes involved in the case when the charter boat captain is found tied up and drugged-but alive. Meanwhile, the businessmen plan a revolt.
7 Jun. 1961
Sweet Prince of Delancey Street
A middle-aged man is fired from his job and vows to rob his former employer for revenge. After his son becomes involved, they both become part of a muddled case involving the theft of diamonds and a dead security guard. Who actually committed the robbery and how the security guard actually died is unknown.
14 Jun. 1961
The Day the Island Almost Sank
The NYPD is shorthanded,overworked and sleep deprived due to various conventions being held at the same time in Manhattan. When a visiting conventioneer is found brutally murdered Lt. Parker has no choice but to send an exhausted Sgt. Arcaro out to investigate.An unlikely person emerges as a prime suspect.
21 Jun. 1961
Take and Put
A once wealthy family is now penniless. To "keep up appearances" and somewhat live as they became accustomed to,they invent a rather novel solution. They rob their friends,pawn the items, use the cash to buy and sell stocks (that their unerring housekeeper selects), redeem the stolen items and return them to their owners.

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