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Season 2

4 Oct. 1959
Lily Merrill opens her new saloon the "Birdcage" in Laramie after being run out of Billings, Montana. She allows the dealer Len Ferrell to work for her despite his actions in Billings and her better judgment.
11 Oct. 1959
The Hunch
Dan jails Frank Judson for robbery when all the evidence points in his direction. His gut says otherwise so he decides to play a hunch to catch the real thief.
18 Oct. 1959
McKay is escorting Bench Ryan to prison when the driver is shot and the stage crashes. The dying man who helped Ryan escape tells him his wife is planning to run off with another man. Johnny uses the information to unnerve Ryan.
25 Oct. 1959
The Exchange
Lily's husband Frank, fresh out of prison, wants her help to rob the bank of $40,000 or he won't give up their son Tommy. Blackmail, bank robbery and kidnapping -- Dan wants to help her but she won't tell him what's wrong.
1 Nov. 1959
The Last Man
Iron Cloud wants his people to live on a reservation so they can hunt and not just farm. An old Army nemesis, brokering the deal, may not give him his wish. His brother intervenes to ensure the Sioux are provided what has been promised.
7 Nov. 1959
The Breakup
For stealing about $40, Johnny had to kill two brothers, one he grew up with. Not able to live with it he decides to quit and leave town, until he meets his replacement, a man who has a reputation thinking the badge comes with privileges.
15 Nov. 1959
Shadow Witness
When a killer steps on his glasses during the murder of one of Lily's new girls, Oren said he saw everything. But without his glasses he just sees shadows. Dan investigates and finds one man who may be from her past, so he sets a trap.
22 Nov. 1959
The Prodigal
Timmo has a grown son coming to visit who was raised by his grandparents. Timmo has to inform Mark he is not a rancher but a bartender which Mark takes in stride. However, Mark has a chip on his shoulder and his own secret.
29 Nov. 1959
The Press
Lal Hoard is back after serving 5 years behind bars that Troop helped put him behind. This time he intends to use the press to rid the town of his enemies but Troop beats him at his own game.
6 Dec. 1959
9:05 to North Platte
The Jute family takes over the Marshal's office with two hostages - a young boy and Lily. They're in town to free Lester Jute, arriving on the 9:05 train. Dan Troop has a risky plan but it has grave danger for both the boy and Lily.
20 Dec. 1959
The Hoax
Two grifters, new to Laramie, see an opportunity when a newspaper article says the local church has burned down. Under the guise of a dance, they raise money and the suspicions of Marshal Dan Troop and his nose.
27 Dec. 1959
The Shelter
Johnny and Troop have captured Ben Moray. When they have to seek shelter at a remote cabin due to weather, their prisoner isn't all they need to watch out for. Their host has a deadly secret buried out back.
3 Jan. 1960
Last Stop
Bill Jennings is planning to marry Amie who works at The Birdcage but his 18 year old son Gabe arrives in Laramie with plans to kill Bill. Gabe believes Bill deserted him and his mother and Troop is forced to resolve the issue.
10 Jan. 1960
The Showdown
Blake Carr comes to Laramie to kill Lance and claim his ex, Lance's wife. His death should win her heart. She fears that pride will be Lance's downfall as it's been two years since handling a gun and that's the only way Blake will leave.
17 Jan. 1960
The Stranger
Troop, forced to kill a drunken stranger at the birdcage, starts receiving threats in the mail saying he will be killed within a week. Figuring out the sender is difficult as the handwriting doesn't match anyone and the week is almost up.
24 Jan. 1960
The Wolfer
Hiring an expert to track a wolf with unique tracks, Johnny and a group of men are blackmailed for more money when the wolfer brings the wolf into Laramie alive. A man kills the wolf but is later found dead with the same unique wolf tracks nearby.
31 Jan. 1960
The Hardcase
Beth and Nat live in squalor and are considered poor and dumb. When Beth is hurt in an accident, the wrong man is locked up for assault and his friends are willing to go up against Troop and his deputy to free him.
7 Feb. 1960
To Capture the West
An artist, whose dream is to capture this big country on canvas before it disappears forever, rides into Laramie. When Dan finds out the Brock gang is heading to town just because of him, he does his best to keep him and his dream alive.
14 Feb. 1960
The Ugly Man
A spurned lover, calling himself The Ugly Man, seeks revenge against Lily. What he doesn't know is his wrath is aimed at the wrong person and Troop and Johnny work fast to prevent a tragedy.
21 Feb. 1960
The Kids
When their mother dies, her three kids ride to Laramie to meet their father. What Troop soon discovers is he is wanted for robbery and is coming to town with the rest of his gang.
28 Feb. 1960
The Thimblerigger
A stranger in Laramie says he's there to destroy a man. When Lily stops him from thimblerigging in her place, he tells Dan the real reason he's spent the last six years seeking a look of terror in one man's eyes.
6 Mar. 1960
The Truce
A wanted outlaw turns himself into Troop hoping for clemency from the Governor for a good deed he did for him during the war. On his heels is a sheriff who wants the credit for his capture all to himself.
13 Mar. 1960
Reunion in Laramie
A man comes to town on the stage, invited there as a piano player to work for Lily. He also brings a history one man seems determined to make him pay for - with Troop standing in the way.
20 Mar. 1960
Thirty Minutes
A wanted outlaw rides into town heading for the Birdcage. When he is recognized, he kills a man and threatens to do the same to the rest of the patrons unless Troop clears the street. One of the patrons is Johnny.
27 Mar. 1960
Left Hand of the Law
Lloyd Malone never forgot how he lost the use of his gun arm at Wichita against Dan Troop. When he tries to use his son's gun hand against him, Dan decides to even the score.
3 Apr. 1960
Belding's Girl
High and mighty Ben Belding has a daughter who wants to marry. When his wife ran off, he vowed she wouldn't ever leave home. Her recent hire at the Birdcage stirs his wrath right into the path of Marshal Troop.
10 Apr. 1960
Girl from Grantsville
Johnny is smitten by the new girl in town, Jenny. After just a few days he proposes marriage. Troop and Lily hope to spare him any heartache as she has a mysterious history with a dealer at the Birdcage.
17 Apr. 1960
Surface of Truth
Lucas Beyer has lived with the Cheyenne for ten years. When he accidentally kills his wife, he runs away to Laramie to escape the wrath of her family. Using an ancient Indian method, Troop hopes to find out what really happened.
24 Apr. 1960
The Salvation of Owny O'Reilly
Owny, a boy growing into a man, wants to prove his brother Jack wrong that there's nothing more important than money. When he sees his brother's partner drop their heist into a well, he decides this may be how he can turn his life around.
1 May 1960
The Lady Belle
Lily insists that the new arrival, Lady Belle, is no lady. Dan learns the hard way how right she is when he is caught in the middle of her and her gang trying to rob the bank.
8 May 1960
The Payment
Ron Fallon, a man with a fast gun reputation, needs to deliver $6,000 to repay an old debt. With a crippled gun hand, he asks Troop's help delivering it before he is gunned down by his old partner's son.
15 May 1960
The Judge
Dan and Johnny are on the trail of a robber. When Dan is bushwhacked, he is nursed by two sisters living in a secluded area where they live with a Judge who only comes home periodically and considers all men who come before him stupid.
22 May 1960
Man on a Wire
Lily hires the worlds greatest aerialist to drum up business for the Birdcage. When he unwillingly brings along an extortionist gang from Europe, Troop has his hands full keeping them and the town safe from the unseen black hand.
29 May 1960
The Parting
Tom Bishop, an escaped con, wants to turn himself in as long as a girl he loves gets the reward for a life saving operation. When a stranger comes to town, Troop thinks fast to keep Tom from finding out who his new love really is.
5 Jun. 1960
The Swamper
Swamper Jim Phelan says he sold some silver mine shares to his nephew Chad to earn $300 for his daughter's schooling back east. Troop questions the money's origin as Jim's strange behavior indicates he may not be telling the whole truth.
12 Jun. 1960
Man on a Mountain
A friend of Dan's in a nearby town is accused of robbery. When his sick wife is killed by a local deputy, Troop rides to help him before a posse led by this callous individual has a chance to finish the job.
19 Jun. 1960
Fast Trip to Cheyenne
Ritt Ketchum's deathbed statement that Frank Saunders is innocent forces Troop to stop the hanging. When the wires are cut and Johnny is shot, Dan must ride fast to beat the hangman's noose without knowing who cut the wires or shot Johnny.

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