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25 Jan. 1958
In order to ally himself with a Spanish duchy, Duke de Medici agrees to marry his sister to a Marco del Monte, a Spanish nobleman. The principals in the forced wedding have other ideas, however.
14 Mar. 1958
Portrait in Emerald Green
When a butcher refuses to pay a tax, de Medici orders Rodrigo to kill him. The officer plots to have Marco do the deed for him by starting a rumor that the portrait painter has taken liberties with the butcher's beautiful young wife, thereby causing a duel that the older man will lose.
25 Apr. 1958
The Eye of the Artist
A Republican courier is ambushed and his message to a man only known as "Orsini" is stolen by de Medici's agents. A man is sent to spy on Marco hoping that he will unwittingly reveal Orsini's true identity.
8 Aug. 1958
The School
After the shops of Republican sympathizers are wrecked and burned, Marco notices the link to the attacks are the school the sons of shopkeepers attend. Marco volunteers as the school's new art teacher to discover the boy who providing information to De Medici's men.
22 Aug. 1958
The Lion and the Mouse
De Medici plans to charge a high tariff on a shipment of alum being delivered to Florence to keep his prices for the key ingredient for paint and make-up extremely high. When Marco's scheme to smuggle the alum over the walls is thwarted, Angelica organizes the women of Florence to protest the high prices by refusing to wear makeup.
11 Jul. 1958
The Beseiged Duchess
The Duke de Medici orders Machiavelli to purchase the ruined castle of a local noblewomen so he can incorporate it into Florence's defenses.

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