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30 Sep. 1957
Four O'Clock
Paul Steppe, a watch repairman, suspects his wife is cheating on him while he tends to his store every afternoon. Consumed with jealousy, he devises a time bomb set to go off at four o' clock - the same time her "lover" pays his daily visit. One day, when his wife is at the market, he sneaks into the house to plant the device. There, Paul is surprised by two burglars, who tie him up and gag him - leaving him at the mercy of his own device ticking away.
14 Oct. 1957
The Other Side of the Curtain
A young woman, troubled by a recurring dream about a long, dark hallway with a ominous curtain at the end, consults a psychiatrist. The sessions cause the woman to have suspicions about the death of her husband's first wife.
28 Oct. 1957
The Story of Marjorie Reardon
A young lives in fear of men after being brutally attacked until she meets the man who years ago assaulted her.
11 Nov. 1957
A man suffering from a severe heart condition is mistakenly told that he has been cured. To celebrate, he indulges in all the activities that had been denied him, not realizing that the strain could kill him.
25 Nov. 1957
The Flight
A former navy pilot is hired to fly a mysterious cargo to Bermuda and discovers en-route that the cargo is human and the destination altered.
2 Dec. 1957
Rainy Day
When a man accidentally reads a letter addressed to another and refuses to reveal the contents, their relationship at the remote African outpost reaches the breaking point.
9 Dec. 1957
The Deadly Game
A salesman seeks refuge from a blizzard in an old mansion. He meets three elderly men who convince him to participate in a mock-trial so they can practice their former callings of judge, prosecuting attorney and defense council.
16 Dec. 1957
A master of disguise plans a payroll theft with the only two men that know his true identity.
13 Jan. 1958
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
When a palmist tells an English lord that he is about to commit a murder, the man postpones his wedding in order to meet his fate without sullying the reputation of the woman he loves.
27 Jan. 1958
Comfort for the Grave
A man teams with his gangster brother's widow to find his sibling's killer. Soon, the surviving brother begins to wonder whether the lovely former spouse might not have committed the murder herself.
10 Feb. 1958
Meeting in Paris
An adventurer is asked to help his ex-wife handle a gang of black marketeers and becomes involved in espionage.
17 Feb. 1958
A Touch of Evil
A man with an invalid wife plots with an old girlfriend to have his spouse murdered.
24 Feb. 1958
If I Die Before I Live
A banker embezzles a large sum of money and flees. While hiding out in New York City he suffers a heart attack and can't take his medicine. He's rescued by a girl who is unemployed and starving.
17 Mar. 1958
The Eye of Truth
A lawyer attempts to save his son when the young man's arrested for a hit-and-run murder by an intricate blackmail scheme.
24 Mar. 1958
Voice in the Night
After shipwreck survivors manage to struggle ashore on a desert island, they discover that the menacing fungus that covers everything on the cay begins to grow on them.
7 Apr. 1958
The Bull Skinner
When a tractor driver isn't selected for a promotion, the jealous man decides to avenge himself on the selectee.
21 Apr. 1958
Fraction of a Second
After spending the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Ellis takes her child to the bus depot. When she returns home, she finds her furniture rearranged and three strangers insisting that they own the house.
28 Apr. 1958
The Way Up to Heaven
When a domineering husband is trapped in his apartment's elevator, his wife decides to go on a six-week vacation leaving him helpless between floors.
12 May 1958
An once famous actress, reduced by the ravages of alcoholism to running a third-rate dramatic school, decides to trod the boards again.
2 Jun. 1958
Death Watch
A police detective assigned to protect a beautiful witness finds his own life in danger.
9 Jun. 1958
The Man with the Gun
A man escapes from a communist prison camp and returns home to his family, but his wife suspects the man be an impostor.
16 Jun. 1958
The Woman Turned to Salt
A lawyer assists a man to get a divorce not realizing the man has already murdered his wife.
23 Jun. 1958
Eye for Eye
When a wife runs away from her vicious husband, the man kidnaps a girl and hires a private detective to find his spouse and tell her he'll kill the captive unless she returns to him.

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