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2 Jan. 1964
The Case of the Wednesday Woman
Phillip Stewart, about to be released from prison, has been refusing to see his wife. A $500,000 diamond was stolen at the business where he worked. After he is released, he is charged with killing a detective who is looking for the gem.
9 Jan. 1964
The Case of the Accosted Accountant
Ed Lewis, a vice president, is in a fight with his father-in-law, B.K., over the future of Vero-Plastics. Ed thinks B.K. is embezzling and under the control of Leslie Ross. When B.K. is murdered, Ed is seen throwing away the weapon.
16 Jan. 1964
The Case of the Capering Camera
Model Judith Blair confronts photographer Jacob Kadar about returning negatives used for blackmail. She pulls his own gun to threaten him when he is shot by someone outside. Her photo is taken showing her holding the gun on him.
23 Jan. 1964
The Case of the Ice-Cold Hands
Nancy Banks comes to Perry wanting him to redeem bets at the horse track for her. When he does, he learns her brother is wanted for embezzlement by his boss Marvin Fremont. When Fremont is found dead in her room, she is charged.
6 Feb. 1964
The Case of the Bountiful Beauty
Deborah Dearborn unwittingly wrote a very successful book that is based on true stories her boyfriend told her about his step-mother, Stephanie Carew. Stephanie tires to force a big payment from Deborah and turns up murdered.
13 Feb. 1964
The Case of the Nervous Neighbor
Charles Fuller hires Paul to find his mother. Paul does but she is wanted for murdering her husband. Due to amnesia from the incident, Perry gets her off but then Charles is charged with murder of the man who tried to cheat him and his mom.
20 Feb. 1964
The Case of the Fifty Millionth Frenchman
Phillipe Bertain has loaned $5000 to fellow Frenchwoman Ninette Rovel to get away from her abusive husband. However, when the money is not repaid, he tracks down her husband only to be ignored by him. The husband is then murdered.
27 Feb. 1964
The Case of the Frightened Fisherman
Randolph James and his partner have developed a new antibiotic that could make them wealthy but a competitor wants to buy the company. Randolph discovers his wife is helping the competitor. When she is run down, Randolph is charged.
5 Mar. 1964
The Case of the Arrogant Arsonist
Carey York is a retired fire chief who owns a warehouse that is burned by an arsonist and kills a clerk. A TV reporter accuses York of setting the fire. York hires Perry to sue for libel but York is charged when the reporter is killed.
12 Mar. 1964
The Case of the Garrulous Go-Between
Paul is concerned for Amy Scott, who hired him to find a man and visits a fortuneteller regularly. He finds the fortuneteller has been partners with Amy's landlord in a scams in the past. When the landlord turns up murdered, she is charged.
26 Mar. 1964
The Case of the Woeful Widower
Perry defends two clients: first the housekeeper Nellie Conway for theft and secondly the stepsister of the murder victim who stands to inherit her estate. Problem is that the husband is the one the finger points at for being the killer.
2 Apr. 1964
The Case of the Simple Simon
Ramona Carver is an actress with a traveling four man show. A young man has come forward claiming to be her son she put up for adoption. She asks Perry to help turn him away. At a later step, a critic is killed and she is charged.
9 Apr. 1964
The Case of the Illicit Illusion
Rosanne Ambrose visits her friend, Dr. Jesse Young, to see why she feels like she is losing her sanity. She can't remember things, which is affecting her work. When an associate of her husband is killed, she is charged with it.
16 Apr. 1964
The Case of the Antic Angel
William Sherwood, a recovering alcoholic, thinks he sees his dead wife, Ruth, leaving a bar. The experience causes him to start drinking. Perry is contacted about the issue as she died in a plane crash but then she turns up dead - again.
30 Apr. 1964
The Case of the Careless Kidnapper
Gregory Pelham, a doctor and professor, comes home to learn his son has been kidnapped and his wife accidentally killed a boy involved. Gregory tries to cover for his wife as he is also trying to cover another problem - blackmail.
7 May 1964
The Case of the Drifting Dropout
Barry Davis is a young man trying to find his way in life. He has been working for a partner of his dead uncle who rides him to work harder. Fed up, he quits and is hired to investigate his uncle and the former boss who is murdered.
14 May 1964
The Case of the Tandem Target
Con Bolton is a poor club singer hoping to save enough to marry Irma Hodge, who hopes to inherit money from her dead father. But her stepfather is standing in the way of both events. Con is charged when the stepfather is murdered.
21 May 1964
The Case of the Ugly Duckling
Alice Trilling can inherit her father's toy company empire only if she marries by her next birthday. Her uncle who runs the firm, has tried to introduce her to many men. He is found dead after an argument with Alice after his latest plan.
24 Sep. 1964
The Case of the Missing Button
Dirk Blake is in a tug of war with his wife over their daughter Button. He feels she is an unfit mother. He asked Vince Rome to obtain info to be used to fight his wife. Dirk is charged with murdering Vince after they are seen fighting.
1 Oct. 1964
The Case of the Paper Bullets
Jason Foster is running for senator but his sister, who he takes care of, is determined to cause him problems. She has fallen for the stepson of Jason's opponent. However, when the stepson is murdered, it is Jason's wife who is charged.
8 Oct. 1964
The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor
While wealthy Mona Stanton Harvey is away, her husband tries to get access to $10,000 to pay a blackmailer. He uses his model to concoct his own blackmail scheme but it backfires when the model is murdered and Mona is charged with it.
15 Oct. 1964
The Case of the Sleepy Slayer
Bruce Jay works as a secretary for the old curmudgeon, Abner Gordon, who has promised him $50,000. When Abner is killed, the spotlight is on his niece at the beginning as she shot him. But he was dead beforehand, so Bruce is charged.
22 Oct. 1964
The Case of the Betrayed Bride
Marie Claudel trails her husband to the USA from France, as he left her and illegally married a wealthy heiress. When he is killed, she is charged as everyone begs Perry to help her. He must contend with very daffy and devious people.
29 Oct. 1964
The Case of the Nautical Knot
Joanna Monford is a nurse tending to Rick Scott in Mexico. When Rick's brother appears saying there are problems with their Uncle, Rick decides to return to L.A. and marry Joanna but the uncle is killed and Joanna is charged.
5 Nov. 1964
The Case of the Bullied Bowler
Paul's friend, Bill Jaris, and his brother are fighting the matron of their town to keep their bowling alley open. She uses a health outbreak as an excuse to close it but the country health inspector is murdered. Bill is charged.
12 Nov. 1964
The Case of a Place Called Midnight
While in Europe, Perry makes a side trip to meet the girlfriend of a family friend who is in the Army. He meets an interesting group of characters. When an officer is murdered, his friend is a suspect and Perry helps unravel the mystery.
19 Nov. 1964
The Case of the Tragic Trophy
Movie producer Anthony Fry returns from Mexico supposedly engaged to aspiring actress Kathy Anders. In reality, she is trying to clear her father, who Fry claimed worked drunk on a film. When Fry is murdered, Kathy is seen leaving the site.
26 Nov. 1964
The Case of the Reckless Rockhound
Reba Burgess has kept a small mine functioning, which helps keep the locals at Burgess, California working, based on diamonds she found herself. When her dead husbands ex-partner returns, he wants half the diamonds but, instead, is killed.
3 Dec. 1964
The Case of the Latent Lover
Roy Galen is the head of the probation department so, when his friend's husband is arrested, he agrees to help by asking to have him examined. The husband says Roy is having an affair with his wife so, when she is killed, he is charged.
10 Dec. 1964
The Case of the Wooden Nickels
Minerva Doubleday asks Paul to complete a secretive deal for her uncle involving the sale of a rare coin. Paul follows the instructions but finds himself at the uncle's shop where he stumbles into Minerva over a man shot to death.
17 Dec. 1964
The Case of the Blonde Bonanza
The gorgeous Dianne Adler is a friend of Della who has quit her job when a man signed her to a modeling contract that Perry discovers allows the agent to take half of any money she comes into. When the agent is murdered she is charged.
31 Dec. 1964
The Case of the Ruinous Road
Adam Conrad, a junior engineer for a construction firm having cost issues, is uncovering issues with boss Joe Marshall. Joe frames Adam for embezzling causing Adam to go looking for Joe. Joe is murdered with Adam seen leaving the scene.

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