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6 Jan. 1962
The Case of the Shapely Shadow
Janice Wainwright is a dedicated secretary to Morley Theilman who becomes concerned when she learns he is being blackmailed. Perry advises her to follow through with her instructions but it results in her being charged with his murder.
13 Jan. 1962
The Case of the Captain's Coins
For decades two branches of the Faraday family have quarreled about which branch of the family should control it. Philip Andrews, engaged to one of the have nots, is charged with murder after already being accused of fraud in the case.
20 Jan. 1962
The Case of the Tarnished Trademark
Axel Norstaad is a Dane who has built a furniture business around old world craftsmanship. He is fulfilling his dream to sell the shop and using the proceeds to build a children's hospital. However, the buyer is a con man who is murdered.
3 Feb. 1962
The Case of the Glamorous Ghost
A dazed woman found in a park in a raincoat says she has amnesia but her story makes no sense. She supposedly eloped with a man who is ultimately found dead in the same park. When she is charged, Perry has to dig deep to find the truth.
10 Feb. 1962
The Case of the Poison Pen-Pal
Peter Gregson's aunt is murdered after she investigates a company leak that may involve Peter's old secretary, Karen Ross. Karen travels to San Francisco to see the aunt and, ultimately, is charged with her murder due to pen pal letters.
24 Feb. 1962
The Case of the Mystified Miner
Naïve secretary Susan Fisher, working overtime, tries to help her boss' employer who comes to town to check the books but digs herself deeper into trouble. She is charged with murder when another company employee is found dead.
3 Mar. 1962
The Case of the Crippled Cougar
Mike Preston was crippled in an oil well accident he blames on Hugh Jamison who he believes also stole $100,000. He and his partner, Harlow Phipps, set a devious trap for Jamison but when Phipps is murdered, it is Preston who is charged.
17 Mar. 1962
The Case of the Absent Artist
Pete Manders is given a chance to buy the cartoon strip he works on for only $10,000. However, when he learns it is the booby prize for having his girlfriend leave with the seller, he is enraged and charged when the seller is murdered.
24 Mar. 1962
The Case of the Melancholy Marksman
Ted Chase appears to those around him to be losing his grip on reality. His first wife committed suicide and his second wife is destroying his life but he can't divorce her due to a prenup. When she is murdered, he is charged.
7 Apr. 1962
The Case of the Angry Astronaut
Mitch Heller is having emotional problems doing his job as a test astronaut at a private company. The problems become worse when a new man taking over is the general who fired Heller from the Mercury program. Heller is charged with murder.
14 Apr. 1962
The Case of the Borrowed Baby
Perry and Della find a baby in his office leading Della to be a mom and Perry trying to find the mother. He finds another man is also trying to sell information about the baby. When he is found dead, the mother looks to be guilty.
28 Apr. 1962
The Case of the Counterfeit Crank
Gus Dalgran has been acting strangely and his business is suffering from someone embezzling. As things spiral out of his control, his nephew decides to have him declared incompetent. When the nephew is murdered, Gus is charged.
5 May 1962
The Case of the Ancient Romeo
A new actress takes over the part of Juliet in a theater company's L.A. show, upsetting the members. Steve Brock is especially upset when his girlfriend loses the part. He is charged when the theater company owner is killed after a fight scene with him.
19 May 1962
The Case of the Promoter's Pillbox
Herbert Simms wants to be a screenwriter instead of a pharmacist. When his script is stolen by an unscrupulous producer, he steals his script back. When he tries to put it back, he stumbles into the producer's dead body and is charged.
26 May 1962
The Case of the Lonely Eloper
Merle Telford is nearly 21 but has the personality of a youngster due to her overbearing guardian's wife. Merle plans to elope after her birthday but the plans go askew when the wife is murdered and diamonds are stolen. Merle is charged.
27 Sep. 1962
The Case of the Bogus Books
Demure Ellen Carter works at a relative's bookstore. When a book is found missing, he fires Ellen who is concerned she might be arrested. During a visit with him, Perry notices a first edition. When the owner is murdered, Ellen is charged.
4 Oct. 1962
The Case of the Capricious Corpse
Joane Proctor and her boyfriend are concerned what will happen to a home for disabled children when Carleton Gage dies. When they find one of the heirs dead, the boyfriend concocts an idea that backfires with Joane is charged with murder.
11 Oct. 1962
The Case of the Playboy Pugilist
Jimmy West believes he has a great fighter but when Tod Richards takes over the fighter's contract and hires Jimmy as trainer, Jimmy doesn't realize what he walked into. Jimmy is in the middle of a blackmail scheme and charged with murder.
18 Oct. 1962
The Case of the Double-Entry Mind
Perry's friend Beth Sandover is in a strained marriage so she asks Perry for help. When the woman who took her job is murdered, she is charged as her husband tries to preserve the $201,000 he embezzled from the company where they worked.
25 Oct. 1962
The Case of the Hateful Hero
Lt. Andy Anderson has a cousin who is moving from the beat to a patrol car partnered with Andy's old friend. The friend is killed when they respond to burglary. When the security guard is killed later, Andy's cousin is charged.
1 Nov. 1962
The Case of the Dodging Domino
Damion White married an actress who has an offer to return to work that involves a great song. However, she recognizes the song which has been plagiarized multiple times. Her husband is one of those involved and is charged with murder.
8 Nov. 1962
The Case of the Unsuitable Uncle
Merchant seaman Harry Fothergill arrives in the U.S. with his mate Dickie to visit Dickie's brother and his family. Broke Dickie creates a will leaving a small fortune to Harry and his niece. When Dickie is murdered, Harry is charged.
15 Nov. 1962
The Case of the Stand-In Sister
John Gregory is caught in a trap when his mobster brother escapes and wants the money he put in a trust fund for his daughter. At the same time the manager of the trust fund tries to blackmail Gregory about it and is murdered.
29 Nov. 1962
The Case of the Weary Watchdog
Della is on the hook to Perry for $25,000 but more importantly may go to prison for helping a friend charged with murder who was being blackmailed. Perry must not only prove his client but his trusted secretary innocent as well.
6 Dec. 1962
The Case of the Lurid Letter
On vacation, Perry decides to help Jane Wardman, who had been kind to him. She is a high school teacher and widow accused of inappropriate behavior with some of her senior students. With the whole town against her, only Perry believes her.
13 Dec. 1962
The Case of the Fickle Filly
Jennifer Wakely is upset her uncle sold her prize horse after her dad died. Given a chance to get him back, she is interrupted by the man who bought the horse. Right after their run in, he is found dead killed by the tool she used.
20 Dec. 1962
The Case of the Polka Dot Pony
Maureen Thomas is contacted by Burt Renshaw who believes he can put her in contact with the mother who abandoned her. An inheritance is involved and James Grove has found another Maureen. When Renshaw is murdered, Maureen Thomas is charged.

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