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7 Jan. 1961
The Case of the Envious Editor
A new CEO has taken over control of a declining magazine with the intent to change it over the objections of the founder's son. The CEO, ruthlessly using blackmail to get what he wants, is murdered. The wife of the founder's son is charged.
14 Jan. 1961
The Case of the Resolute Reformer
A drunken playboy is in a hit and run accident. Peter's attempt to help the victim by buying his property finds Peter putting his father, who is the county engineer, in a compromised situation on a project when no victim turns up.
21 Jan. 1961
The Case of the Fickle Fortune
While conducting an inventory of a home whose owner died intestate, tax official Ralph Duncan comes across $153,000 in very old currency hidden under a drawer. The money is stolen from his briefcase so he consults Perry Mason.
4 Feb. 1961
The Case of the Waylaid Wolf
An aggressive playboy has a steno work late, sabotages her car, and then offers her a ride and dinner. He detours them to a Malibu beach house where he makes heavy advances. She runs away and takes his car but he is found dead later.
18 Feb. 1961
The Case of the Wintry Wife
A cold-hearted woman refuses to give her husband a divorce. His new invention gives him financial independence so his request for a divorce causes his wife to plan the destruction of the invention and his girlfriend but she is the victim.
25 Feb. 1961
The Case of the Angry Dead Man
A man who nearly drowns learns it is believed he is dead. Because he recently found he is dying, he decides to stay dead so his wife can collect his insurance. However, she is charged later when he is found shot dead after calling her.
11 Mar. 1961
The Case of the Blind Man's Bluff
The Kincannon family jewels are all the family has left and son James needs to sell them but the manager at Slade's jewelry refuses to allow the sale. James is charged with his murder after the jewels are stolen by the blinded manager.
18 Mar. 1961
The Case of the Barefaced Witness
When a man, jailed for embezzling from his bank is released, a girl he knows returns to their hometown to have him clear her name. She asks Paul to back her up so, when the man is found murdered, Perry is called in by Paul to defend her.
25 Mar. 1961
The Case of the Difficult Detour
Mallory Construction company is set to finish a road project on time and at a profit when the owner learns he has trespassed, forcing a shutdown and bankruptcy. After learning he was swindled, he goes after the swindler who is murdered.
8 Apr. 1961
The Case of the Cowardly Lion
Tony Osgood is accused of killing a dentist helping treat a lion after the dentist is found dead at the zoo. His girlfriend working at the zoo had been sponsored to enter the US from Germany by the dentist who has a mysterious background.
22 Apr. 1961
The Case of the Torrid Tapestry
Claude Demay is framed for burning an art collection in Brazil by Leonard Voss. After six years in prison, Demay returns to LA where he plots revenge using a copy of a tapestry he wove in prison. But, when Voss is murdered, he is charged.
29 Apr. 1961
The Case of the Violent Vest
Herman Albright, who has a crush on the model he handles for an agency, asks his wife for a divorce when her gambling debts become too much. He agrees to perform a favor to pay the debt. It results in his murder and the model is charged.
6 May 1961
The Case of the Misguided Missile
Major Jerry Reynolds, who supervises missile development, is looking to leave the Air Force. Due to launch failures, the Air Force sends an investigator, who happens to have a grudge against Reynolds. When he is murdered, Jerry is charged.
20 May 1961
The Case of the Duplicate Daughter
Carter Gilman hires Perry to investigate a female private detective he believes is blackmailing his wife. When Perry calls Paul to look into it, Paul tells him the woman was found murdered. Gilman is charged as she was killed in his shop.
27 May 1961
The Case of the Grumbling Grandfather
A grandfather tries to warn his grandson, David, to stay away from a woman who was the secretary to the boy's dead uncle. David persists in helping her pay off her husband, who is blackmailing her. When he is found dead, David is charged.
10 Jun. 1961
The Case of the Guilty Clients
Jeff Bronson's aircraft company is betting on the success of a new plane but after it crashes in a test flight, attention becomes focused on the test pilot's actions who is seeing Jeff's ex-wife. When he is murdered, Jeff is charged.
2 Sep. 1961
The Case of the Jealous Journalist
After the death of a newspaper publisher, the failing company is split between two families; one led by Joe Davies. He is engaged to marry a step-niece who owns the tiebreaker shares. After breaking the engagement, she is found murdered.
16 Sep. 1961
The Case of the Impatient Partner
Amory Fallon returns after a long business trip to Mexico to find one of his plants burned and with a very suspicious mind. He doesn't go home and seems to trust no one. When his partner is found murdered, he is charged with the murder.
30 Sep. 1961
The Case of the Missing Melody
Eddy King is left at the altar by Polly Courtland but she refuses to say why. He asks Perry, a friend of her family, to find out why but Perry has little luck. When Eddy learns someone blackmailing Polly is murdered, he tries to help her.
7 Oct. 1961
The Case of the Malicious Mariner
Jerry Griffin signs onto a freighter that nearly sinks in a storm until he takes command when the captain is hurt. The captain is furious with him for dumping the cargo. When the captain is found murdered, Jerry is charged with it.
14 Oct. 1961
The Case of the Crying Comedian
Comedian Charlie Hatch has made it big and now wants to protect his girlfriend who married a man who confined her to a sanitarium to take control of her money. After threatening to kill the man, he is found murdered and Charlie is charged.
21 Oct. 1961
The Case of the Meddling Medium
A cousin, Philip Paisley, moves into the family home when his ability to communicate in a trance with the dead son of the matriarch, Sylvia Walker, gets her interest. When he is murdered, Perry must contend with whether his client has ESP.
28 Oct. 1961
The Case of the Pathetic Patient
Dr. Edley is accused of malpractice by a man who wants $5000 to settle the case. Due to a fire burning some x-rays, he tries to find another doctor's records. His wife's ex-boyfriend tells him to settle but ends up murdered.
4 Nov. 1961
The Case of the Travelling Treasure
Scott Cahill has a contract with Karl Magovern to take his party to kelp beds near Mexico each weekend. Magovern canceled but suddenly decides to go. Perry is called when Magovern is found murdered by the Coast Guard and smuggling gold.
11 Nov. 1961
The Case of the Posthumous Painter
Jack Culross decides to fake his suicide to increase the value of his paintings. His wife leaves the country so he is able to finish his unfinished work with the assistance of his agent. His wife returns only to be charged with his murder.
18 Nov. 1961
The Case of the Injured Innocent
Walter Eastman is putting money behind the development of a rotary engine and it has yet to prove itself on the racetrack. The young Italian test driver deliberately crashes the car and ends up dead and Perry has to defend Eastman.
25 Nov. 1961
The Case of the Left-Handed Liar
Ex-jock Ward Nichols works at Health House and is engaged to Casey Daniels whose guardian Bernard Daniels owns it and is a stickler. Fellow employee Veronica Temple is blackmailing Ward. Bernard is murdered and Ward is blamed.
2 Dec. 1961
The Case of the Brazen Bequest
Dr. Charles Cromwell is preparing to accept a large gift for Euclid College when a woman from his past makes a drunken appearance. He learns the donor's aide is behind her appearance. When the aide is found dead, Cromwell is charged.
9 Dec. 1961
The Case of the Renegade Refugee
Harlan Merrill is acting strangely at the same time a reporter reveals he is looking for an escaped Nazi among the executives of an aerospace company. Merrill tries to see Mason but misses him. When the reporter is killed, he is charged.
16 Dec. 1961
The Case of the Unwelcome Bride
Greg Frazer is the son of a successful investment manger who is disappointed Greg has led a wasted life and married the entertainer Sue Ellen. When Greg is found murdered with her standing over the body holding a knife, she is charged.
30 Dec. 1961
The Case of the Roving River
Judy Bryant is an independent girl who becomes her own worst enemy. She is involved in a land dispute that her long lost stepfather can help with but he needs $10,000. When the package she delivers with the money explodes, she is charged.

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