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2 Sep. 1961
The Case of the Jealous Journalist
After the death of a newspaper publisher, the failing company is split between two families; one led by Joe Davies. He is engaged to marry a step-niece who owns the tiebreaker shares. After breaking the engagement, she is found murdered.
16 Sep. 1961
The Case of the Impatient Partner
Amory Fallon returns after a long business trip to Mexico to find one of his plants burned and with a very suspicious mind. He doesn't go home and seems to trust no one. When his partner is found murdered, he is charged with the murder.
30 Sep. 1961
The Case of the Missing Melody
Eddy King is left at the altar by Polly Courtland but she refuses to say why. He asks Perry, a friend of her family, to find out why but Perry has little luck. When Eddy learns someone blackmailing Polly is murdered, he tries to help her.
7 Oct. 1961
The Case of the Malicious Mariner
Jerry Griffin signs onto a freighter that nearly sinks in a storm until he takes command when the captain is hurt. The captain is furious with him for dumping the cargo. When the captain is found murdered, Jerry is charged with it.
14 Oct. 1961
The Case of the Crying Comedian
Comedian Charlie Hatch has made it big and now wants to protect his girlfriend who married a man who confined her to a sanitarium to take control of her money. After threatening to kill the man, he is found murdered and Charlie is charged.
21 Oct. 1961
The Case of the Meddling Medium
A cousin, Philip Paisley, moves into the family home when his ability to communicate in a trance with the dead son of the matriarch, Sylvia Walker, gets her interest. When he is murdered, Perry must contend with whether his client has ESP.
28 Oct. 1961
The Case of the Pathetic Patient
Dr. Edley is accused of malpractice by a man who wants $5000 to settle the case. Due to a fire burning some x-rays, he tries to find another doctor's records. His wife's ex-boyfriend tells him to settle but ends up murdered.
4 Nov. 1961
The Case of the Travelling Treasure
Scott Cahill has a contract with Karl Magovern to take his party to kelp beds near Mexico each weekend. Magovern canceled but suddenly decides to go. Perry is called when Magovern is found murdered by the Coast Guard and smuggling gold.
11 Nov. 1961
The Case of the Posthumous Painter
Jack Culross decides to fake his suicide to increase the value of his paintings. His wife leaves the country so he is able to finish his unfinished work with the assistance of his agent. His wife returns only to be charged with his murder.
18 Nov. 1961
The Case of the Injured Innocent
Walter Eastman is putting money behind the development of a rotary engine and it has yet to prove itself on the racetrack. The young Italian test driver deliberately crashes the car and ends up dead and Perry has to defend Eastman.
25 Nov. 1961
The Case of the Left-Handed Liar
Ex-jock Ward Nichols works at Health House and is engaged to Casey Daniels whose guardian Bernard Daniels owns it and is a stickler. Fellow employee Veronica Temple is blackmailing Ward. Bernard is murdered and Ward is blamed.
2 Dec. 1961
The Case of the Brazen Bequest
Dr. Charles Cromwell is preparing to accept a large gift for Euclid College when a woman from his past makes a drunken appearance. He learns the donor's aide is behind her appearance. When the aide is found dead, Cromwell is charged.
9 Dec. 1961
The Case of the Renegade Refugee
Harlan Merrill is acting strangely at the same time a reporter reveals he is looking for an escaped Nazi among the executives of an aerospace company. Merrill tries to see Mason but misses him. When the reporter is killed, he is charged.
16 Dec. 1961
The Case of the Unwelcome Bride
Greg Frazer is the son of a successful investment manger who is disappointed Greg has led a wasted life and married the entertainer Sue Ellen. When Greg is found murdered with her standing over the body holding a knife, she is charged.
30 Dec. 1961
The Case of the Roving River
Judy Bryant is an independent girl who becomes her own worst enemy. She is involved in a land dispute that her long lost stepfather can help with but he needs $10,000. When the package she delivers with the money explodes, she is charged.
6 Jan. 1962
The Case of the Shapely Shadow
Janice Wainwright is a dedicated secretary to Morley Theilman who becomes concerned when she learns he is being blackmailed. Perry advises her to follow through with her instructions but it results in her being charged with his murder.
13 Jan. 1962
The Case of the Captain's Coins
For decades two branches of the Faraday family have quarreled about which branch of the family should control it. Philip Andrews, engaged to one of the have nots, is charged with murder after already being accused of fraud in the case.
20 Jan. 1962
The Case of the Tarnished Trademark
Axel Norstaad is a Dane who has built a furniture business around old world craftsmanship. He is fulfilling his dream to sell the shop and using the proceeds to build a children's hospital. However, the buyer is a con man who is murdered.
3 Feb. 1962
The Case of the Glamorous Ghost
A dazed woman found in a park in a raincoat says she has amnesia but her story makes no sense. She supposedly eloped with a man who is ultimately found dead in the same park. When she is charged, Perry has to dig deep to find the truth.
10 Feb. 1962
The Case of the Poison Pen-Pal
Peter Gregson's aunt is murdered after she investigates a company leak that may involve Peter's old secretary, Karen Ross. Karen travels to San Francisco to see the aunt and, ultimately, is charged with her murder due to pen pal letters.
24 Feb. 1962
The Case of the Mystified Miner
Naïve secretary Susan Fisher, working overtime, tries to help her boss' employer who comes to town to check the books but digs herself deeper into trouble. She is charged with murder when another company employee is found dead.
3 Mar. 1962
The Case of the Crippled Cougar
Mike Preston was crippled in an oil well accident he blames on Hugh Jamison who he believes also stole $100,000. He and his partner, Harlow Phipps, set a devious trap for Jamison but when Phipps is murdered, it is Preston who is charged.
17 Mar. 1962
The Case of the Absent Artist
Pete Manders is given a chance to buy the cartoon strip he works on for only $10,000. However, when he learns it is the booby prize for having his girlfriend leave with the seller, he is enraged and charged when the seller is murdered.
24 Mar. 1962
The Case of the Melancholy Marksman
Ted Chase appears to those around him to be losing his grip on reality. His first wife committed suicide and his second wife is destroying his life but he can't divorce her due to a prenup. When she is murdered, he is charged.
7 Apr. 1962
The Case of the Angry Astronaut
Mitch Heller is having emotional problems doing his job as a test astronaut at a private company. The problems become worse when a new man taking over is the general who fired Heller from the Mercury program. Heller is charged with murder.
14 Apr. 1962
The Case of the Borrowed Baby
Perry and Della find a baby in his office leading Della to be a mom and Perry trying to find the mother. He finds another man is also trying to sell information about the baby. When he is found dead, the mother looks to be guilty.
28 Apr. 1962
The Case of the Counterfeit Crank
Gus Dalgran has been acting strangely and his business is suffering from someone embezzling. As things spiral out of his control, his nephew decides to have him declared incompetent. When the nephew is murdered, Gus is charged.
5 May 1962
The Case of the Ancient Romeo
A new actress takes over the part of Juliet in a theater company's L.A. show, upsetting the members. Steve Brock is especially upset when his girlfriend loses the part. He is charged when the theater company owner is killed after a fight scene with him.
19 May 1962
The Case of the Promoter's Pillbox
Herbert Simms wants to be a screenwriter instead of a pharmacist. When his script is stolen by an unscrupulous producer, he steals his script back. When he tries to put it back, he stumbles into the producer's dead body and is charged.
26 May 1962
The Case of the Lonely Eloper
Merle Telford is nearly 21 but has the personality of a youngster due to her overbearing guardian's wife. Merle plans to elope after her birthday but the plans go askew when the wife is murdered and diamonds are stolen. Merle is charged.

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