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Season 1

29 Jun. 1957
And the Birds Still Sing
Down on his luck attorney Francis Parnell is retained by a beautiful but mysterious woman to perform unspecified, but equally mysterious duties. When he arrives at her apartment for their first business meeting, the lawyer finds his client dead from a gunshot wound. Parnell discovers that there were many people who wished to do his erstwhile client harm - a two-timing husband, his jealous wife, an equally jealous ex-boyfriend and a faux-French maid.
13 Jul. 1957
You Don't Live Here
A woman returns a trip out of town and finds someone else staying in her apartment who claims to lived their years. When her landlord and the building's janitor claim to have never seen her before, the woman takes her concerns to the police and their staff psychologist are return to the woman's apartment building to find everything as it should be - except the woman's husband has disappeared.
17 Aug. 1957
Round Trip
Upon arriving in a small town and renting a furnished room, a man reads in the newspaper that he is wanted by police for the murder of his former fiance.
31 Aug. 1957
The Night I Died
Nice guy Ben Cook, goaded by his scheming common-law wife, fakes his own suicide and moves to another town-all to trick his life insurance company into making a large payout. No one en route or at the new address will recognize him, will they?

 Season 1 

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