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14 Jan. 1960
John Brown's Raid
The story of abolitionist John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry.
21 Jan. 1960
A Dream of Treason
A State Department official is required to leak a confidential document - which may have terrible repercussions.
10 Feb. 1960
To the Sound of Trumpets
In Paris, a former soldier is alarmed when the girl he has fallen in love with demonstrates a rather naive and romanticized attitude to war.
24 Feb. 1960
The Cruel Day
A French army officer arrives at a remote fort in Algeria and discovers that atrocities against the local population are commonplace.
7 Mar. 1960
Slow witted, and tired, Fentry leads a lonely life of grinding poverty in his sharecropper's shack until a sick, pregnant woman escaping her abusive husband comes there. He takes her in and cares for her, eventually falling in love with her.
22 Mar. 1960
The Hiding Place
In the last days of World War II, two English airmen are captured by an ordinary German citizen, who, instead of handing them over to the authorities, keeps them prisoner in his cellar, neglecting to tell them when the war ends.
3 Apr. 1960
Alas, Babylon
Americans try to cope with the aftermath of a nuclear catastrophe.
22 Apr. 1960
Journey to the Day
Patients at a mental hospital meet for a group therapy session.
2 May 1960
The Shape of the River
Determined to pay off his debts, Mark Twain sets off on a lecture tour.
18 May 1960
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
In the Warsaw ghetto, a Jewish man seeks revenge for the rape of his sister by a German soldier.

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