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Season 2

12 Sep. 1957
The Death of Manolete
The last hours in the life of Spain's most celebrated matador.
19 Sep. 1957
The Dark Side of the Earth
A drama set in 1956, during the unsuccessful Hungarian uprising against the Russians.
26 Sep. 1957
A mild-mannered schoolteacher gradually abandons all his principles - and finds the success which has always hitherto eluded him.
3 Oct. 1957
A Sound of Different Drummers
In a dystopian society, reading is forbidden.
10 Oct. 1957
The Playroom
When a mother wins an award, she finds out a few things about her three grown-up children.
17 Oct. 1957
Around the World in 90 Minutes
October 17, 1957, the CBS Television Network diverted from its typical format of live dramatic presentations for "Playhouse 90" to cover Michael Todd's gigantic party commemorating the one-year anniversary of the release of his film "Around The World In 80 Days". Todd invited 18-thousand people to the gala in New York City's Madison Square Garden though the number probably was far greater because of party-crashers. Walter Cronkite hosted the coverage with future ABC Sports ace Jim McKay and news veteran Bill Leonard handling the interviewing of numerous celebrity ...
24 Oct. 1957
The Mystery of Thirteen
The story of William Palmer, one of the most notorious poisoners in Victorian England - or was he?
31 Oct. 1957
The Edge of Innocence
An unscrupulous lawyer pursues a wealthy widow - but does he have matrimony or murder in mind?
12 Dec. 1957
The Thundering Wave
Middle-aged actress Victoria Maxwell comes to terms with her destructive lifestyle as she struggles with the lead role in a Broadway-bound play. Matters are complicated by the fact that she is co-starring opposite her estranged husband, Allen Grant, whom she never stopped loving. As the drama begins, Sydney Lowe, a Broadway director, is eager to hire Victoria Maxwell to star in his production of "Thundering Wave," written by his friend Lew Downs, an accomplished writer. Maxwell agrees to take the part, but insists that Sydney hire Grant to play opposite her. Sydney is...
2 Jan. 1958
A reunion party for old army buddies turns inexorably into something darker and more sinister.
16 Jan. 1958
The 80 Yard Run
Long ago, Christian made a run of 80 yards to make the winning touchdown in a football game. It was the greatest moment of his life. Or was it the beginning of his decline?
30 Jan. 1958
The Gentleman from Seventh Avenue
Mr. Golden wonders if he has wasted his life; but the news that he is to become a grandfather cheers him.
6 Feb. 1958
The Violent Heart
Photographer Paul is invited to a French estate to take pictures but a romance develops with the lady of the house. A sudden death creates a suspicion of murder.
13 Feb. 1958
No Time at All
An airliner flying nonstop at night from Miami to New York fails to check in, then disappears from radar. We see how its disappearance affects people on the ground.
20 Feb. 1958
Point of No Return
Waiting to find out if he's obtained a valuable promotion, a banker returns to the small town he grew up in.
27 Feb. 1958
Portrait of a Murderer
Based on a true story, Donald Bashor robs and bludgeons two women to their deaths. While committing the crimes he maintans a normal existence with his girlfriend Florry.
6 Mar. 1958
The Last Clear Chance
A veteran lawyer must defend his own son when the latter is threatened with disbarment.
13 Mar. 1958
The Male Animal
The trustees of Midwestern University have forced three teachers out of their jobs for being suspected communists. Trustee Ed Keller has also threatened mild mannered English Professor Tommy Turner, because he plans to read a controversial piece of prose in class. Tommy is upset that his wife Ellen also suggested he not read the passage. Meanwhile, Ellen's old boyfriend, the football player Joe Ferguson, comes to visit for the homecoming weekend. He takes Ellen out dancing after the football rally, causing Tommy to worry that he will lose her to Joe.
15 May 1958
Nightmare at Ground Zero
After the first atom bomb test, scientists realize the bomb was more powerful than they expected - which may have terrible results.
22 May 1958
Bomber's Moon
A hard-hearted Colonel loses many men in his group's bombing missions over World War Two Germany, but keeps on going and won't tolerate lightly a young Major losing his nerve under the strain,who refuses to continue.
29 May 1958
A Civil War veteran returns home to find his father has become a social pariah.
5 Jun. 1958
The Innocent Sleep
When a rich man marries a much younger wife and his ailing health gets rather worse, the housekeeper suspects a murder attempt is looming.
19 Jun. 1958
A Town Has Turned to Dust
A weakling sheriff is unable to prevent a lynching. Can he redeem himself by preventing a second one?
26 Jun. 1958
The Great Gatsby
A Midwesterner becomes fascinated with his wealthy neighbor, who obsesses over his lost love.

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