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Diminutive preacher (Mickey Rooney) tries to clean up a vice ridden cowtown.
dougbrode19 March 2006
For those of us who saw this decidedly minor film on its initial release during the fall of 1955, there were several shockers early on in the brief 73 minute film, which was used to round out the second half of a double bill in less than prestigious theatres. First, as Mickey Rooney (who is supposed to look considerably younger than he does) journeys to a small out of the way cowtown (he's an idealistic frontier preacher), even the youngest among us burst out in laughter when we see an airplane in the sky. What we were too naive to know at the time was that on low budget features like this, there was only enough time, budget, and film stock for one take - so if something like a plane happened to fly by in clear sight of the camera, it ended up in the finished film. Moments later, when Mickey did arrive, there supercool but also supersleazy owner of the saloon was played by none other than . . . the same man who incarnated wholesome teetoltaler Wyatt Earp on TV every Tuesday night, Hugh O'Brian. Eventually, we settled down to enjoy this mild oater in which Mickey wins over Hugh in good time and the sinful saloon gives way to a nice church. Undemanding in all respects, this film will be most enjoyed, if and when it shows up on some nostalgic movie channel or VHS/DVD, by those of us who loved it, all flaws aside, way back when.
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Ahhh...comfort viewing!
janfletcher496 June 2001
While this is pretty standard 50s western fare, it allowed Mickey Rooney to try a characterization somewhat different from his more exaggerated portrayals in the Andy Hardy series or in comedies such as The Atomic Kid. I am not a fan of westerns myself, but having been raised in the 50s, this was more than nostalgia, it was comfort viewing! Mickey and Hugh O'Brian both do competent jobs, and the supporting cast is composed of many familiar faces. If you are fed up with overt sex, out of control profanity, in-your-face violence, then this is just what you need. Gentle, entertaining, and upbeat, I recommend it for a rainy day or to unwind from a stressful one.
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Life Takes A Funny Old Bounce
bkoganbing10 December 2012
In its last years Republic Pictures after losing its biggest asset John Wayne did a number of interesting films to try and keep the studio going. One of them was this film, The Twinkle In God's Eye. It's the story of a newly minted minister wanting to take up where his deceased father left off and rebuild his church in the western town of Lodestone.

The casting is a bit unusual with Mickey Rooney, a bit old to play the idealistic young minister, but still giving a decent performance as the idealistic if a big ingenuous lead.

His biggest foe in the town is Hugh O'Brian saloon owner who sees a church cutting in on his business. Rooney wants to build his church on a hill above O'Brian's saloon and O'Brian even offers him money to go somewhere else in the town. But that's where Dad built his church and where Dad was killed. On that he's firm.

Rooney is a George Bailey type hero who in the end realizes just how much of an impact he's had on the people of Lodestone just as Bailey's impact is on Bedford Falls. His biggest impact might just be on Coleen Gray individually who is paralyzed as a result of a fall from a horse, but now won't give up. And life takes a funny old bounce for Hugh O'Brian in that he gets all he wants and more.

In fact everyone gets what they want and/or deserve in The Twinkle In God's Eye including the audience for this film.
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I love Mickey Rooney.
akelly-8890827 November 2018
This film is somewhat of s hidden gem. I serendipitously happened upon it while searching YouTube for an old movie to comfort me on a particularly cold evening. I wont be placing any onus on storyline. Viewers can judge a film for themselves by simply watching them without the prejudice of subjective review. It's an Independent (Republic) Film. Standard Western fare, Produced by Mr. Rooney himself. It has fantasic production values and alot of good humour. One early scene, Rooney's rookie preacher walks into a town bar and is cordially invited by locals for a free drink. He asks for milk. It's old school funny but hey it's an old school cast...a genuine little gem. Reviews and ratings is cyberspace can be cruel. It's more a reflection of modern humanity than the quality of this lovely, black and white, 1955 production, which is one that i am so happy to have found. Mickey Rooney was a masterful performer. His character and star quality shines very brightly here. Im clearly a fan...however...if this film were anything other than what this review purports, i wouldn't be doing anyone reading this review, or the film itself any service.
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