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11 Jan. 1956
All the Trees in the Field
An old rancher tries to save his orange grove from real estate interests.
16 Jan. 1956
The Old Maid
The arrival of an ex-lover on a young woman's wedding day sets in motion a chain of events which will alter her and her cousin's lives forever.
26 Jan. 1956
The Amateur
A young garment worker wants to be an actor.
2 Feb. 1956
Dark Possession
A poison-pen letter accuses a widow of murder.
6 Feb. 1956
Susan and God
Susan Trexel is a wealthy socialite, who while vacationing in Europe undergoes a religious transformation. On her return to America, Susan takes on the task of spreading her new found religious experience with her closest friends - only to drive them crazy. Meanwhile, her husband Barrie, and daughter Blossom yearn for a stable family life. Barrie will even become sober, hoping that Susan will heed her own advice, and save their marriage and family.
7 Feb. 1956
As Young as You Feel
A 65-year-old printer hatches an elaborate scheme to avoid forced retirement.
27 Feb. 1956
As her fifth wedding anniversary approaches, a woman realizes that she is fed up with always coming in second to her husband's advertising business. Just at the moment when she is trying to decide what to do, she meets a handsome attorney, and their innocent flirtation begins to turn into something a bit more serious.