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2 Jan. 1956
The Code of the Jungle
Jealous of the attention Martin is giving his new dog, Tamba the chimpanzee leads the dog into the jungle. The resourceful pup, rather than becoming lost, finds the campsite of a former guide.
9 Jan. 1956
Wild Man of the Jungle
Jungle Jim is asked to put a stop to a strange man's threat that is frightening workers on a nearby plantation.
16 Jan. 1956
Safari Into Danger
Jungle Jim's insensitive employers infuriate a pygmy tribe while Jim tries to capture animals for an American circus.
23 Jan. 1956
Blood Money
Hoping to convince a wealthy man to give money to build a new school for local tribesman, Jungle Jim agrees to serve as a guide the potential donor and his obnoxious daughter.
30 Jan. 1956
Striped Fury
Jungle Jim is asked to travel to India to rid the countryside of a man-eating tiger. When he arrives, Jim discovers that a native tribe are using the tiger to extort protection money from other inhabitants.
6 Feb. 1956
Sacred Scarab
Convinced that two criminals are actually members of an international police force, Jungle Jim agrees to guide the pair of thugs to a plane wreck where a priceless scarab was part of its cargo.
13 Feb. 1956
Voodoo Drums
Jungle Jim investigates the reason a tribe sounds their war drums after their chief promised to work for peace.
20 Feb. 1956
The Avenger
Three hunters hire Jungle Jim to serve as a guide for their quest to capture black panthers. Trouble starts when a fourth hunter, bent on revenge, joins the safari.
27 Feb. 1956
Return of the Tauregs
While on an expedition to capture rare butterflies, a professor stumbles into a band of slave traders and his native guides captured. Jungle Jim leads the rescue party tracking the kidnappers.
5 Mar. 1956
The Silver Locket
Jungle Jim discovers a lion he has just captured is wearing the locket of a baby who was lost in the jungle years ago. He leads an expedition to find the missing girl.
12 Mar. 1956
Gift of Evil
Skipper helps a trader sell his goods to local villagers not realizing that the quack's bottles of medicine are not only worthless, but contaminated.
19 Mar. 1956
Power of Darkness
Jungle Jim leads a party into the Himalayas to observe a solar eclipse. They stumble into a strange Tibetan kingdom ruled by a white man. Jim must effect their escape by trying to convince the superstitious natives that he can make the sun disappear.

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