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Season 5

26 Sep. 1960
The Long Rope
After returning to the town he lived in as boy, newly elected Sheriff Bodie has to find and arrest a murderer even though this brings back bad memories for everyone, including Cheyenne. Johnny Kent is wrongly accused of the murder.
10 Oct. 1960
Counterfeit Gun
Cheyenne is hired to guard the payroll that is aboard the train. A group of men rob the train and one man is shot. On his deathbed he names Cheyenne as the leader of the gang. Cheyenne must find the real robbers and clear his name.
31 Oct. 1960
Road to Three Graves
Cheyenne is hired to bring mining equipment and machinery across private property to a mine on property they have leased. The previous teamsters to attempt it were killed. The property owner wants the mine and machinery for himself.
28 Oct. 1960
Two Trails to Santa Fe
The Army pulls out to head to Texas. This leaves the local prospectors unprotected and the Indians unchecked. When Cheyenne escorts a few women to Santa Fe, he has to fight two of the growing West's biggest issues - gold fever and Indians.
19 Dec. 1960
Savage Breed
What started out as a simple buffalo hunting party turns deadly when a Sioux war party wants their horses. Cut off from an approaching Army patrol, they must defend themselves and hope they can be rescued in time.
9 Jan. 1961
Incident at Dawson Flats
Cheyenne is to be the best man at his friend Johnny McIntyre's wedding. As he arrives someone shoots at him. In town it happens again and ends with Johnny killing his future brother-in-law Lafe who believes Cheyenne is wanted for murder.
30 Jan. 1961
Duel at Judas Basin
Cheyenne, Bronco Layne and Sugarfoot battle a trader suspected of selling guns to the Indians. Cheyenne and Sugarfoot work for Ian Stewart who buys an option for 10,000 acres but the trader wants to kill the sale due to its location.
13 Feb. 1961
The Return of Mr. Grimm
Mr. Grimm's son is killed while trying to escape a posse. His father blames Cheyenne since he shot him. As he runs the biggest company in the town, he holds everyone's job hostage until he gets a trial for justice - hangman's justice.
27 Feb. 1961
The Beholden
Cheyenne rides into Winslow to deliver a letter to banker Smaller. When he's killed in a holdup, Cheyenne is hired to chase after the robbers. But who should he really be worried about? The robbers? The town council? or the sheriff?
20 Mar. 1961
The Frightened Town
Cheyenne ramrods a bunch of drovers who get drunk while resting up in Kingsburg. Their boss is mysteriously killed and he has to hold them all together before they take out their drunken anger on the entire town - especially the marshal!
10 Apr. 1961
Lone Patrol
Cheyenne is assigned as a scout to accompany a green captain to deliver supplies to another fort. The trooper assigned to him is also green who enlisted to avoid jail who finds he isn't as brave as he pretends in real battle.
1 May 1961
Massacre at Gunsight Pass
Cheyenne takes a stage to transfer an outlaw to the brig at Fort Bridger. One of the passengers shoots a Shoshone and the rest bury him. When they reach the Relay Station, they find plenty of surprises waiting besides the angry Indians.
15 May 1961
The Greater Glory
Cheyenne has never met a woman who's Mormon faith is quite this strong. Enough to drive her cattle to Salt Lake, survive a landslide, an attempted stampede and stop the men who are trying to stop her from saving her ranch and husband.

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