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20 Sep. 1955
Mountain Fortress
Cheyenne and his co-worker Smitty worried about smoke signals decide to hide on a high area but find an outlaw gang already there. When the Shoshone attack a stage, the group rescues the driver and woman passenger but are now trapped.
11 Oct. 1955
Cheyenne and Smitty encounter settlers headed to Wyoming who lost their guide. On the way to Fort Laramie, a group of rustlers steal their cattle and a boy's brother is killed. The two head to a nearby to try to recover the stolen cattle.
1 Nov. 1955
The Argonauts
Cheyenne meets two prospectors whose partner was killed by Indians. The partner is the only one who knows where they found gold. Given a description, Cheyenne is able to lead them to the gold but one of the men's greed overtakes him.
22 Nov. 1955
Border Showdown
After a close friend of Cheyenne is killed during the escape of bank robbers, Cheyenne and Smitty track the band of outlaws across the border to a small Mexican village. The band has taken over the town after killing 14 young men there.
13 Dec. 1955
The Outlander
Cheyenne rides into Paradise Springs the town of friendly people. When he's greeted with fists instead and has to stand trial, he finds the judge's wife knows more than she's telling but he remembers her too but doesn't know why.
3 Jan. 1956
The Travelers
Deputy Cheyenne is forced to bring an outlaw in for a murder Cheyenne doesn't think he committed after the US Marshal is killed in a shootout. At the same time the father of the victim is trailing Cheyenne and wants to hang the outlaw.
24 Jan. 1956
Scouting for the army, Cheyenne reports of an impending attack. Fleeing to another fort, the commanding officer's route to that fort seems more dangerous than the alternate and Cheyenne isn't the only one who disagrees.
7 Feb. 1956
The Storm Riders
Cheyenne is driving a herd of horses across land he thought was open range. The owner, Martin Storm, roughs him up and steals them. He gets help from a local rancher who has been trying to rid the valley of this menace since he got there.
21 Feb. 1956
Rendezvous at Red Rock
Cheyenne comes upon a man who has just been shot. Arrested by a few riders and on the way to Laramie, a hidden benefactor frees him. Their new friendship is shaken when he finds the real reason he saved him and who he really is.
10 Mar. 1956
West of the River
Cheyenne is asked to lead a group of guardhouse prisoners on a mission to rescue two girls taken captive by the Kiowa. He questions the odds or whether the girls will want to return. The mission starts okay but his fears may be true.
3 Apr. 1956
Cheyenne must fight a Comanche Indian chief in swallowing sand to save a wagon load of people who banded together under various circumstances. They are stranded with no hope of rescue or supplies. First one who yells out for help loses.
17 Apr. 1956
Fury at Rio Hondo
In a politically turbulent Mexico full of revolutionaries, Cheyenne encounters a sexy, blond pickpocket singer in Rio Hondo. She arrived on the stage with a local rancher who owes Cheyenne money from a cattle deal and he wants to be paid.
1 May 1956
Star in the Dust
Cheyenne meets a sheriff he admires and a town he likes so he decides to stick around. When he finds he has an agenda too that involves a pretty woman and some easy money, he has second thoughts and a decision to make.
15 May 1956
Johnny Bravo
When Cheyenne is hired as foreman at a ranch in a range war, he doesn't realize part of his job is to marry the boss' daughter. She turns down all the men her father introduces her to as she loves a Mexican but he hates Mexicans.
29 May 1956
The Last Train West
Cheyenne falsely accused of murder escapes the law. He returns to White Bluff to clear his name by joining a train of settlers headed to California. A minister's sister threatens to turn him in to the law until she gets to know him.

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