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  • Corporal Brady (Brian Keith) an American soldier captured during the Korean War, is taken to a POW camp. There he meets Sergeant Rand (Robert Francis) a prisoner who is cooperating with the North Koreans. Brady is disgusted by these actions, but he soon discovers that Rand is actually an intelligence officer playing along to access important secrets. Rand also becomes close to Tanya Clanton (Dianne Foster), the wife of an American traitor, in order to exact information.


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  • What looks like a classic prison camp movie is in reality a espionage-thriller. American prisoners delivered to a Korean POW camp encounter the cruelty of the communist guards, the treachery of a collaborator Master Sergeant (Robert Francis), and spies placed among them by the communists to observe and manipulate them. Among the new prisoners, is a intelligence operative (Brian Keith) sent to infiltrate the camp to gather proof of atrocities committed in the POW camps to be used to as leverage in the Pan Moon Jon piece talks. E.G. Marshall portrays a demur priest imprisoned by the communists who provides spiritual support and encouragement to the troops. The story has several classic examples of communist questioning techniques and manipulation including torture, race baiting, bribery and seduction, but this is just window dressing. The real plot comes from the spies on each side attempting to outwit each other.

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