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Season 2

9 Sep. 1954
Return of the Dead
A teenager is accused of attempted murder and explains her story about her mother's delima when her father returns from the dead.
13 Sep. 1954
Road to Nowhere
A police officer is killed when a young bride crashes through a roadblock. A broken bottle of brandy is found in the car, but the bride denied drinking any.
20 Sep. 1954
The Big Race
Jockey refuses to throw a race and is framed on assault charge.
27 Sep. 1954
The Arsonist
A disturbed teen-aged boy begins setting fires in the neighborhood following an altercation with his father.
28 Oct. 1954
The Public Defender's deputy almost wrecks his marriage when he insists on defending a 15-year old boy accused of assault and murder.
4 Nov. 1954
Hot Rod
The Public Defender defends a young man involved in an accident that killed a young girl. He investigates to see if he was accused because he was in a hot rod.
11 Nov. 1954
Color Blind
A man becomes desperate for money when he's told his son must have an operation immediately. After getting the money, his brother-in-law arrests him, telling him he got the money illegally. Now the Public Defender must find a way to get him out of jail and reunited with his family.
18 Nov. 1954
The Hijacked Truck
A man in love is accused of hijacking. The public defender hears a story about his courtship and the reason behind his arrest.
25 Nov. 1954
Circumstantial Evidence
A story of blind justice, as Matthews defends a man whom was caught by police with the gun that killed the man's wife.
2 Dec. 1954
The Murder Photo
The answer to a murder case may just lay in the hands of a teenage boy using trick photography.
30 Dec. 1954
The Man Who Couldn't Remember
A man is arrested for a robbery he didn't commit, but he can't remember what he did at the time of the robbery. His wife believes in his innocence. His only hope may be a mental hospital where they can help him remember.
6 Jan. 1955
Another World
The Bachman siblings are European refugees who've worked hard in America. But Hans begins to romance Wanda and convinces her to get him valuable plans. Erich ends the spy ring by shooting Hans but was it justified in Reed's definition of justice.
27 Jan. 1955
Your Witness
Bart Matthews defends Karl Novak, who faces a second-degree murder charge following the grisly slaying of a storekeeper.
3 Feb. 1955
The Director
A once famous film director is now working as night-watchman at the film studio. One night he knocks down another film director, who once was his assistant director but now is the famous one, and takes 300 dollars from him. The public defender cannot understand why somebody would destroy all of his former reputation for such a small crime.
10 Feb. 1955
Mama's Boy
After a boy is discovered dead in the hallway at school, one of his classmates is arrested since he was caught fighting with him at the time of his death. The Public Defender sets out to find out if the boy's being a "Mama's Boy" may have been the cause for what the classmates claim was an accident.
17 Feb. 1955
The Big Steel
A man is accused of purposely running a co-worker down and is arrested for attempted murder. But the Public Defender is able to get him off after talking to his other co-workers. Oh, but wait, that's only half the story.
24 Feb. 1955
A kid is arrested for gang activity after mugging a cop, but the gang is being organized by some influential people, so the other gang members threaten to kill the kid if he talks. The Public defender must get to the bottom of things before someone else is hurt!
10 Mar. 1955
The Hitchhiker
A soldier about to ship out of the country is on his way home to his pregnant wife. He gets a ride with a woman who takes him as far as the car rental place. Later that night, the man and his wife are arrested for stealing the car and hitting an old, blind woman. The Public Defender searches for the young woman who gave him a ride, but she seems to not exist.
17 Mar. 1955
A man arrested for robbery swears he's innocent and only signed the confession because the arresting officer beat him up.
24 Mar. 1955
An upcoming prizefighter wants to turn himself into Matthews for parole violation but the threats of small time hoodlums and the actions of a clueless police officer cause things to go wrong.
7 Apr. 1955
The Sapphire Mink
A young modal is arrested for stealing a mink, but she says she had permission to wear it.
14 Apr. 1955
The Stepfather
A teenage boy, stepson of the Police Chief, is arrested for breaking into a gas station. The Chief is convinced he can help him. Bart steps in to help and all is resolved in the end when the Chief faces the boy down.
21 Apr. 1955
A Pair of Gloves
Flippant small time hood and three time loser Allie Kilgore claims he bought out of town a pair of gloves that are the like the pair he is accused of taking in a home burglary.
28 Apr. 1955
End of the Line
An elderly Public Defender determines to keep busy during the weeks until his retirement comes through. He puts himself at great odds to keep a man from being sent to prison. Bart Matthews comes to his aid.
5 May 1955
Clifford Pike
A man admits to murdering his aunt and grandmother, claiming insanity. But the case goes through all twists and turns before the amazing truth is revealed.
26 May 1955
Operation Cleat
Law enforcement agencies from the U.S. and Mexico join forces after the public defenders' office uncovers a car theft ring that is connected to drug trafficking.
2 Jun. 1955
Story of Nora Fulton
Matthews defends an ex-policeman's daughter when she is accused of murdering her boyfriend.
16 Jun. 1955
The Jockey and the Nun
Joey leaves his orphanage to be a jockey when an encounter with hotel owner Mr. Barry gets him returned. But after the hotel is burned Joey is arrested. Only Sister Anthony continues to believe him during the trial.

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