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Season 4

3 Oct. 1957
Jacob and the Angel
A criminal lawyer makes a desperate gamble to defend a boy charged with murder. Risking his career, his love, even his health, he faces an even greater terror when he finds his own guilty conscience is on trial.
7 Nov. 1957
Keep Me in Mind
Publicity hungry, Las Vegas lounge singer, Mike Owens stages a hoax publicity stunt making the local police and his entourage furious with him, especially his press agent. And like the little boy who cried wolf, he discovers when he actually can identify a cop-killer, the cops and the newspapers and his press agent don't believe him. But the killer knows he isn't lying and determines to kill him next.
2 Jan. 1958
Scream in Silence
Medical student tries to help depressed neighbor.
6 Feb. 1958
Four Hours in White
Trapped in a crossfire of human emotions, a hospital chief surgeon fights his own conscience to decide the fate of two men. He must weigh the possible sacrifice of one life for another.
27 Feb. 1958
Albert Anastasia - His Life and Death
An account of the career - and violent death - of a notorious real-life mobster.

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