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Season 4

The Chinchilla Business
Andy's girlfriend wants a fur coat but he only has $50. As it happens the Kingfish needs $50 to repay Mama for an operation he had 8 or 9 years ago as she wants to go into business. Kingfish decides to get Andy into the "rare chinchilla business" so Andy can get his girl her coat. Naturally things don't go as planned for the Kingfish
The Uranium Mine
It's the atomic age so the Kingfish convinces Andy that the swamp he bought has Uranium on it and is worth a fortune.
Madame Queen's Voice
After Madam Queen wins a singing contest, Kingfish decides that Andy - Madam Queen's old flame - should marry her. This way they both can manage her new singing career and split the fee.
Andy the Godfather
Amos' daughter has a crush on a boy who does not give her "the time of day." As her godfather Andy intervenes.
The Insurance Policy
After failing an insurance policy medical exam, the Kingfish exploits the sympathies of Andy, Sapphire, and lodge brothers, whom mistakenly believe that he has only three weeks left to live.
The Kingfish Gets Amnesia
Kingfish asks Andy to let him hold $50 as a way to show people he is honest. When debtors come to collect money owed them Kingfish uses all $50. Later, when Andy comes to get his money Kingfish feigns amnesia.
The Girl at the Station
At a railroad station, a pretty girl mistakes Kingfish for her uncle. A news photographer snaps a photo of her hugging him. The photo appears on the newspaper's front page, infuriating Sapphire.
Kingfish Teaches Andy to Fly
Andy falls for another pretty girl. Kingfish convinces him that to make it with the girl, he should learn to fly a plane. While taking his girl in a simulated flight, disaster ensues.
The Kingfish Becomes a Press Agent
Andy and Calhoun assist the Kingfish in scamming an upscale hotel into contracting his services as a press agent.
The Meal Ticket
Noticing that most of his friends eat their meals out and use a meal ticket for each month the Kingfish decides to sell them meal tickets and feed them at his place. Of course he has to figure out how to do this without Sapphire catching on.
Second Honeymoon
After twenty-five years of marriage, Kingfish and Sapphire's second honeymoon plans may result in divorce.
Father by Proxy
One night Andy agrees to fill in for Amos. When he drives a pregnant woman to the hospital everyone thinks he is the father.
Story of the Invisible Glass
Kingfish has an opportunity to reap a huge profit from some shares of stock in Consolidated Glass Company that he bought years ago. Trouble is, he subsequently sold the shares to Andy, and now he has to figure out how to get them back.

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