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Clint Eastwood Piloting Captain Sully Sullenberger Biopic

After American Sniper became a stunning box office success for Warner Bros. early this year, the studio has set its director Clint Eastwood for another biopic. The prolific filmmaker will helm an untitled film that tells the true story of Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, the American pilot who heroically landed a filled plane in the Hudson River after it malfunctioned mid-flight.

Sullenberger became a national hero back in 2009 when he pulled off a tricky emergency landing in the Hudson River off Manhattan when his aircraft, climbing out of Laguardia Airport, struck a flock of Canadian geese, disabling both engines. All passengers and crew members survived the landing.

Producer Frank Marshall acquired the rights to Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow’s book back in 2010 and has been developing the project ever since. Allyn Stewart is also attached to produce.

No stars have come into focus yet, but with Eastwood sitting behind the camera,
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'New Tricks' loses over a million viewers on BBC One

New Tricks topped Tuesday night's (August 6) ratings for a second week in a row, overnight data has revealed.

However, the long-running BBC One crime drama dropped over a million viewers from last week to 6.47m (28.2%) at 9pm.

On BBC Two, new series A Summer in Wales gathered 1.13m (6.3%) at 7pm, followed by the latest Count Arthur Strong with 671k (3.5%) at 8pm. Documentary Make Me a German interested 1.22m (5.3%) at 9pm.

ITV's new Stephen Fry programme Key to the City appealed to 2.89m (12.7%) at 9pm (306,000/1.8% on +1).

Nature's Newborns brought in 2.48m (13.3%) at 7.30pm, while Love Your Garden attracted 3.32m (16.8%) at 8pm (125k/0.5%).

On Channel 4, Kirstie Allsopp's Fill Your Home for Free was seen by 1.46m (7.4%) at 8pm (257k/1.1%). Undercover Boss continued with 1.26m (5.5%) at 9pm (307k/1.8%).

Channel 5's documentary Kids with No Memory brought in 604k (3.1%) at 8pm. CSI: NY thrilled 1.27m (5.5%) at 9pm (222k/1.3%), followed by the latest
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TV highlights 06/08/2013

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Live Cricket: Friends Life T20 Quarter Finals | Count Arthur Strong | The Kids with No Memory | Stephen Fry's Key to the City | Make Me a German | King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons | Steve Coogan: Stand-Up Down Under | The Mindy Project

Live Cricket: Friends Life T20 Quarter Finals

4pm, Sky Sports Ashes

Traditional cricket fans harrumph at the shorter version of the game; unsurprisingly, with team names such as the Sussex Sharks and Nottingham Outlaws. But, though the current Ashes series has exhibited the joys of "proper" cricket, there's no doubt that T20 does provide a thrill as the overs count down. At the time of writing the lineups for these quarter-finals are unknown, though Nottinghamshire and last year's winners Hampshire have impressed in the group stage. David Stubbs

Count Arthur Strong

8pm, BBC2

Populated by doddering characters and stylistically channelling the old-school British sitcom, Steve Delaney and Graham Linehan's
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Judy Lewis Dies: Loretta Young/Clark Gable Out-of-Wedlock Daughter

Clark Gable, Loretta Young, The Call of the Wild Judy Lewis, out-of-wedlock daughter of Loretta Young and Clark Gable, died of cancer on Friday, Nov. 25, at a retirement home in the Philadelphia suburb of Gladwyne. She was 76. Young, who was an ardent Catholic, and Gable, then married to Maria Franklin Langham (17 years his senior) had an affair while starring in William A. Wellman's 1935 adventure drama The Call of the Wild. Young had just turned 22, Gable was 34. In a manner similar to the absurd stories of so many Hollywood melodramas of the period, after learning of her pregnancy Young took off for Europe. Upon her return months later, she was reported ill and convalescing at a hospital in the Los Angeles suburb of Venice, where Judy was born Nov. 6, 1935. When the girl was almost two, Young officially adopted her (and a boy, later returned) from an orphanage in San Francisco.
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Regis Philbin Signs Off "Live" -- See His Goodbye

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Regis Philbin just finished his last "Live" show after 28 years on the air -- and it was a pretty emotional hour. The audience was packed with familiar faces including Donald Trump , Katie Couric , Diane Sawyer and Tony Danza -- who shouted "We love you, Regis!" Regis was given the Key to the City by Mayor Bloomberg , his wife and children made pre-packaged tributes, the cast of " Rent " performed a re-worked version of " Seasons of Love " and Kelly Ripa made a touching speech about her co-star -- watch that below. Reeg closed the show with his own personal goodbye: "28 and a half years and we've had a wonderful show and a great time ... I'll always remember spending these mornings with all of you. Thank you very much for these great years together, God bless you all and I hope I see you again real soon." Short and sweet. Check it out above.
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Episode Recap: Smallville - 10.18: "Booster"

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Clark (Tom Welling) tells Lois (Erica Durance) that his glasses are driving him crazy, so's the jacket, Er it's a raincoat/mac. He thinks the Blur needs to show his face soon so that people continue to trust him. Lois tells him there's nothing heroic or handsome about Clark Kent so he should stop being so great. Clark was a klutz in Smallville. Lois is vying for the promotion to City Desk. A clumsy boy that Lois noticed earlier on, falls in front of a truck and is rescued by Booster Gold, (Eric Martsolf) before Clark can get to him. Booster claims you have to "keep yourself open to the cameras." A bug escapes from the vehicle in the boy's backpack. Booster to Clark: "Nice glasses." At the Daily Planet, Clark bumps into another man with glasses too, who asks Clark if he's forgotten how to walk. This is ridiculous,
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