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Season 3

4 Sep. 1952
Check and Double Check
A criminal gang uses kids to cash stolen checks in stores and swindle merchandise out of them. Capt. Braddock investigates.
11 Sep. 1952
Heartbreak for Sale
A self-proclaimed "medium" sees a chance to take advantage of a man's grief over the death of his daughter.
18 Sep. 1952
Charge It, Please
Capt. Braddock looks into a credit-card fraud operation.
25 Sep. 1952
A Letter from Tessie
The squad investigates a chain-letter scam.
2 Oct. 1952
The Expensive Tumble
An insurance fraud case is referred to the squad for investigation.
9 Oct. 1952
Beauty for Hire
A scam operation that involves the Lost & Found department of the bus station is investigated by Capt. Braddock and the squad.
23 Oct. 1952
The Suit Club
Capt. Braddock sets out to bust up an illegal gambling operation.
30 Oct. 1952
The Front Man
Capt. Braddock investigates what he believes is a front for a gambling operation run by the mob.
6 Nov. 1952
At Your Service
A con artist passes himself off as a handyman in order to swindle people out of their money.
13 Nov. 1952
The Label Switchers
Capt. Braddock investigates reports that a gang is putting labels from expensive stores on cheap merchandise and then passing them off as the real thing.
20 Nov. 1952
Blessed Expense
A struggling service station owner who has recently learned his wife is pregnant is conned into buying cut-rate health insurance from a pair bunko artists.
27 Nov. 1952
Strictly Legal
Capt. Braddock investigates a shady real-estate operation that obtains property through foreclosures.
12 Dec. 1952
The Elephant in Stockings
Capt. Braddock goes after a mob boss.
18 Dec. 1952
False Tape
Someone is blackmailing a man with tapes of phone calls he made to his mistress. Capt. Braddock investigates.
25 Dec. 1952
The Christmas Caper
Braddock and his men investigate several con artists who use phony street corner Santa Clauses to collect money for poor children and distribute it among themselves.
1 Jan. 1953
The System
Capt. Braddock investigates reports of a con artist selling a system "guaranteed" to pick winners at the race track.
12 Feb. 1953
The Case of the Dancing Lady
A newlywed couple complains to Capt. Braddock that a dance studio has swindled them out of money. Braddock investigates.
26 Feb. 1953
His Brother's Keeper
When Longshot, a likable panhandler and compulsive gambler, stumbles onto a bunco game and informs Captain Braddock, the racketeers take their revenge.
19 Mar. 1953
Antique Racket
A con artist selling phony antiques comes to the attention of Capt. Braddock and the squad.
9 Apr. 1953
Girl in the Mink Coat
Capt. Braddock goes after a female con artist known only as "The Girl in the Mink Coat".
23 Apr. 1953
The Big Touch
Capt. Braddock goes undercover to investigate a con game that he believes has ties to an organized-crime ring.
18 Jun. 1953
The White Carnation
Capt. Braddock gets complaints about a con man's activities, but the only description he has of the man is that he wears a white carnation in the lapel of his jacket.
2 Jul. 1953
Take a Little, Leave a Little
A pleasant man moves to a small town. He gives himself out as being a famous geologist, an expert in locating oil-deposits by signs in the surface of the landscape. Soon he is introduced into the community of the local businessmen. He reveals to them that he has found signs of an oil-deposit just outside the town. He offers them shares in the oil-field on very good conditions, but as soon as the money is paid and the contracts are signed, he prepares to leave the town immediately.
6 Jul. 1953
The Case of Lady Luck
Captain Braddock is asked to discreetly investigate when the new wife of an influential member becomes conspicuously and profitably successful in bridge games at an exclusive country club.
13 Jul. 1953
The Gentler Sex
Capt. Braddock goes after a female con artist whose specialty is making men underestimate her, then taking them for everything they've got.
20 Jul. 1953
Sale Value
A con man just released from prison sets his sights on a successful businessman and schemes to swindle him out of his company.
27 Jul. 1953
Phony Photo Contest
Capt. Braddock uncovers information that leads to a prostitution ring.
3 Aug. 1953
Fraudulent Nursery School
Capt. Braddock looks into a nursery school that may not be quite what it appears to be.
10 Aug. 1953
Romance Unlimited
A woman victimizes men in overseas military service by marrying them for their allotments. One soldier returns unexpectedly and learns the truth and, filled with bitterness, holds her hostage with a plan to kill her. Captain John Braddock asks his mother to appeal to him to spare him from ruining his future.
17 Aug. 1953
Impatient Heir
Capt. Braddock investigates the case of a man who is suspected of faking his own death to collect the life insurance money.
24 Aug. 1953
Diamond Smugglers
Capt. Braddock receives information about a gang that's smuggling diamonds into the city.
31 Aug. 1953
Sting of Fate
A man and woman team of confidence operators fake injuries in hotels in order to extort money. They use wasp stings to simulate the swelling of a real sprain, but a hotel employee helps Braddock expose the con and break the case.
7 Sep. 1953
The Case of the Sure Thing
Braddock looks into a possible bookmaking swindle.

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