Samson and Delilah (1949) Poster

William Farnum: Tubal


  • Tubal : [holding Delilah and trading her for Semadar]  Look! Here! Samson. My other daughter. Take her. She'll make you a much better wife. She's fairer than Semadar, and much, much more beautiful.

    Samson : You give me a turnip for a...

    Tubal : Wait, wait Samson. This one is a queen among women. Samson, look. Look. Have you ever seen eyes like that? So full of love for you? See the whiteness of her skin, smooth as a young dove's. Oh she'll grow into a rare blossom.

    Samson : She'll grow into a thornbush!

    Delilah : [grasps Samson]  Did a thornbush steal the chariot that took you to the lion? Did a thornbush tell the Saran how you killed it with your bare hands? No, I did, and he believed me, then you chose Semadar.

    Samson : Take your claws out of me!

    Delilah : You'll never get them out of you. I made Ahtur steal the riddle's secret from Semadar. I lied to stop you from marrying her. I'll kill to keep you. You're the only thing in the world I want.

    Samson : [to Tubal]  Hold this fork-tongued adder before I put a heel on her.

    Delilah : If you crush the life out of me I'd kiss you with my dying breath!

    Samson : [to Tubal]  And you want me to marry this wild cat?

  • [Samson has chosen Semadar over Delilah as his bride] 

    Delilah : I hate him.

    Tubal : Because he's a Danite?

    Delilah : Because he's a fool!

    Tubal : Most men are, Delilah. There's nothing you can do about it.


    Delilah : [smiles craftily]  Sometimes a bee can move an ox.

  • Tubal : Your rich gifts rob me of words, Ahtur.

    Prince Ahtur : They'll rob you of a daughter, Tubal, and enrich me with a wife.

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