Samson and Delilah (1949) Poster

Angela Lansbury: Semadar



  • Teresh : Out of the strong came forth sweetness? Hah! The fruit of the date palm! The tree is strong, and the fruit is sweet.

    Semadar : Teresh, what on earth you feed date palms to make them eaters?

  • Samson : What is sweeter than honey?

    Semadar : What is stronger than a lion?

  • Samson : [reaching for a cluster of grapes that Semadar has held up high]  A man shouldn't have to reach at his own wedding feast.

    Semadar : The most desirable grapes are always out of reach.

    Samson : [reaches again]  Not if you reach high enough.

    Prince Ahtur : [grabs the cluster of grapes from Semadar's hand]  Or wait long enough.

    Semadar : You waited too long, Ahtur.

    Samson : For what?

    Prince Ahtur : Entertainment.

  • Semadar : Why should our guests care about a stupid game of words?

    Prince Ahtur : It's no game to them. It's Danite against Philistine.

    Semadar : The wine has dulled their senses.

    Prince Ahtur : It hasn't dulled their anger.

    Semadar : You're trying to frighten me because you don't want me to marry Samson.

    Prince Ahtur : I don't want you to marry Samson but... there's hatred down there at your wedding feast. They think you've joined Samson against us.

    Semadar : But I haven't. Tell them I haven't.

    Prince Ahtur : No. You tell them the answer to the riddle.

    Semadar : But I don't know it.

    Prince Ahtur : Unfortunate.

    Semadar : Ahtur, Samson has told me nothing.

    Prince Ahtur : Surely he'll share the answer with so lovely a bride.

    Semadar : But if he won't?

    Prince Ahtur : Get it... or death may solve the Danite's riddle.

  • Semadar : Have you lost your senses? The whole hunting party will be here! The Saran himself is coming from Gaza.

    Samson : I know. I came to help him kill the lion.

    Semadar : You'd rather help the lion kill the Saran.

    Samson : Not until he gives us permission for our marriage.

    Semadar : Our marriage? You have lost your senses.

    Samson : And my heart.

    Semadar : You've whispered that in a lot of pretty ears.

    Samson : None as pretty as yours.

  • Semadar : [Delilah flicks a plum pit at Samson]  My sister does her lion hunting with plum pits.

    Samson : [to Delilah]  Be good, now, or the game may eat the hunter.

    Semadar : I can't really blame her for hunting you. Samson, you are rather like a lion.

    Samson : Then you should learn more about lion hunting.

    Semadar : Proud and strong and fearless.

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