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6 Jan. 1953
Let the Cards Decide
A reformed gambler tries to halt a marriage between a debt-ridden girl and an unsavoury but wealthy man.
13 Jan. 1953
Many Happy Returns
A crazed burglar terrorises a woman in her isolated summer house.
20 Jan. 1953
The Critic
An art critic's zealous efforts to support a young artist are damaging the girl's career.
27 Jan. 1953
The Lady Wears a Star
A female sheriff tries to run a crooked oil man out of town.
3 Feb. 1953
I Cover Korea
A war correspondent must make a crucial decision when she learns of a strategic enemy operation.
10 Feb. 1953
The Return
A woman tries to help a man overcome his unhappiness with the past.
17 Feb. 1953
Boundary Line
A quarrel over land boundaries threatens the friendship of a rancher and his Native American blood brother.
24 Feb. 1953
The Twelfth Juror
Socialite Lydia Virgil is most distressed: jury duty is preventing her attendance at a special concert.
3 Mar. 1953
Grey Gardens
A secret service agent who escaped from an Asian prison seeks peace of mind in the South.
10 Mar. 1953
Money Under the Tree
Looking for an easy path to wealth, a youth strikes a bargain with the underworld.
17 Mar. 1953
A Grand Cop
A longshoreman who aided a South American revolutionary learns that his actions are not appreciated by his girlfriend and his employer.
24 Mar. 1953
Unexpected Wife
Peter Warrender is very much alive, which is news to the people who are acquainted with his "widow."
31 Mar. 1953
A Man of Peace
A man tries to prove that he's not a coward so he takes on a fencing match with a famous master.
7 Apr. 1953
An artist struggles to break away from her possessive mother.
14 Apr. 1953
Top Kick
Communist agitators menace an inexperienced Army instructor in the Middle East.
21 Apr. 1953
Mission to Algiers
A detective's search for an embezzler is interrupted by a romantic interlude.
28 Apr. 1953
The Pemberton Boy
A woman's efforts to cover up for her mischievous nephew have unexpected consequences.
5 May 1953
The Hitchhiker
A prison escapee hides out in an isolate desert ranch and is caught by the beautiful rancher's wife.
12 May 1953
The Gift Horse
A lack of mutual respect is driving a young executive and his wife apart.
19 May 1953
Safety Island
A policeman is delighted when his two sons join the force. However, one boy dies in a gun battle and the father's fear for the other becomes obsessive.
26 May 1953
The Day the Greek's Was Closed
An orphan working his way through school gets an assist from four restaurateurs.
2 Jun. 1953
One Plus One
A girl fears that she may be losing her mind when she meets a woman who looks exactly like her.
9 Jun. 1953
The Deauville Bracelet
A compulsive gambler tries to conceal her activities from her husband.
16 Jun. 1953
In the Carquinez Woods
A white girl is raised by an old Natvie American woman and is badgered by the townspeople. Angry, she wrecks the store of her worst persecutor.
23 Jun. 1953
Night in the Warehouse
A policeman tries to free a criminal's son from three brutal gangsters.
30 Jun. 1953
The Snake
Phil Howard's bride is scared: rumour has it that the first Mrs. Howard's death was no accident.
1 Sep. 1953
The Traitor
American POWs plot an escape, unaware that a Communist spy is in their midst.
8 Sep. 1953
Bless the Man
Dr. Crawford Long, the discoverer of anesthetic ether, gets a chance to demonstrate its use - in an operation on his wife.
15 Sep. 1953
Man Enough for Millie
Big Red is mighty protective of his daughter Millie and will only allow a suitor if he can beat him in a fight.
22 Sep. 1953
His Name Is Jason
An illiterate woman finds an unusual way to express devotion to her husband, an alcoholic.
29 Sep. 1953
Domestic Tranquility
A destitute widow sets up a noisy concession next to the Four Greeks restaurant.
6 Oct. 1953
Romance blossoms on a tropical isle known as an international haven for fugitives.
13 Oct. 1953
The Favorable Signs
Sgt. Simmons investigates a phony psychic medium and winds up bumbling his way through his investigation.
20 Oct. 1953
Phantom of the Bridge
A newspaperman probes reports of a haunted bridge.
27 Oct. 1953
Full Portrait
A journalist probes the past of a woman who died in his arms.
3 Nov. 1953
Man of the Comstock
A man tries to bring law and order to the new Nevada territory.
10 Nov. 1953
The Shattered Dream
Racketeers threaten to destroy a young displaced person's dream of freedom.
17 Nov. 1953
Appointment with Death
A hunting guide, cleared of homicide in the fatal shooting of a friend, still suffers feelings of guilt. He returns to the isolated forest scene of the accident and finds a disturbed young woman wandering there.
24 Nov. 1953
We'll Never Have a Nickel
Gerry Warren, the power behind a successful Broadway producer, faces mounting pressure to strike out on his own.
1 Dec. 1953
The Alien
A Polish national, framed on a narcotics charge, is awaiting deportation. In order to be with his wife, who is expecting a child, the man decides to escape.
8 Dec. 1953
The Boy Down the Road
Two orphaned brothers are plagued by a man who blames the older boy for the death of his son.
15 Dec. 1953
The Suitors
Kate is the centre of an odd romantic triangle: one of the men, a sheriff, must bring in the other for robbery.
22 Dec. 1953
Practically Christmas
The imminent arrival of a new baby threatens to disrupt the Christmas plans of an Italian family.
29 Dec. 1953
The Wild Earth
The owner of an orange grove turns to an itinerant family for help when a frost threatens to destroy his crop.

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