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3 Jan. 1950
The girlfriend of a young man honorably discharged from the French Navy plots to have him branded a resistance-movement fugitive.
21 Mar. 1950
The Leather Heart
A boot-maker falls for his beautiful accountant.
28 Mar. 1950
The Bunker
With Nazi Germany's defeat inevitable, Adolf Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun decide to commit suicide.
18 Apr. 1950
No Strings Attached
A business tycoon obtains a beautiful wife through a business proposition.
16 May 1950
Hired Girl
Complications arise when a widower fires his hired girl.
30 May 1950
Man Without a Country
Charged with treason for conspiring with Aaron Burr to start a new country, Lt. Philip Nolan shouts that he never wants to see or hear of America again. He is thusly sentenced to a life aboard U.S. ships at sea.
29 Aug. 1950
A young man, tied to his rich aunt's apron strings, falls in love with a carhop.
5 Sep. 1950
An ex-GI attempts to fulfill a vow of vengeance against his former top sergeant.
12 Sep. 1950
The Canterville Ghost
In the 1600s, cowardly Sir Simon of Canterville flees a duel and seeks solace in the family castle. His ashamed father seals him in the room where he is hiding and dooms him to life as a ghost until one of his descendants performs a brave deed. Simon believes he may be saved when he meets Cuffy Williams, an American kinsman stationed with a troop of soldiers at the castle in 1943. Will this blood relative save the family honor, or will his blood be as yellow as the rest of the Cantervilles?
19 Sep. 1950
Incident in the Rain
A story about a murder epidemic.
26 Sep. 1950
Andy's Old Man
The nine-year-old son of a pretty young widow attempts to find himself a father.
17 Oct. 1950
Hope Chest
A beautiful girl with a possessive mother meets an unexpected "knight in shining armour."
24 Oct. 1950
The Amber Gods
A spiteful woman steals another woman's man on a tropical island.
31 Oct. 1950
Mother's Mutiny
A wife revolts against her farmer husband's forbidding ways.
7 Nov. 1950
The Kingdom Within
A fugitive with a knowledge of medicine must make a crucial decision: should he forfeit his freedom to help an injured deputy?
14 Nov. 1950
Party Line
A hypochondriac drives her family crazy with her antics.
21 Nov. 1950
Love of Mike
A hot-tempered vine grower's mother tries to marry him off.
5 Dec. 1950
The Green Convertible
The unfaithful wife of an alcoholic is haunted by the belief that she is being followed.
12 Dec. 1950
The Case of Marina Goodwin
A disillusioned young socialite becomes a member of the Communist Party.
26 Dec. 1950
No Children, No Dogs
A school teacher is taught a few things about love and life in a strange way.

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