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Season 4

28 Aug. 1951
Comes the Day
A businessman retires so that he can enjoy his life with his second wife, who is much too active and busy for him.
4 Sep. 1951
Second Chance
A young boy is deathly afraid of his stepfather who dispenses harsh discipline on him.
11 Sep. 1951
Homer Takes a Bride
A comedy of errors about a shy bridegroom and an Irish police chief's daughter.
18 Sep. 1951
A young actress finds a strange woman playing solitaire in her apartment.
25 Sep. 1951
White Violet
The poems of an anonymous poetess attract unexpected attention.
2 Oct. 1951
Dr. Mac
A country doctor's unselfish efforts to get funds for a new hospital reveal the secret of his part.
16 Oct. 1951
Treasure of the Heart
A romantic comedy-drama about two orphans, one a beautiful young woman and the other a child, and their dreams for happiness.
23 Oct. 1951
Dreams of his happy childhood haunt a killer who's hiding from the law.
30 Oct. 1951
Party Dress
The honeymoon is over for a young couple when the bride purchases an expensive dress.
6 Nov. 1951
Big Night in Boonetown
A young prizefighter refuses to cooperate when the racketeer father of his girlfriend asks him to throw a fight. However, when a crusading sports editor decides to expose the gangster, the youth will not support him.
13 Nov. 1951
The Seven Graces
Seven orphaned sisters answer a Montana town's advertisement for young women.
20 Nov. 1951
A handcuffed thief gives his guards the slip and heads for his cache of hidden loot.
27 Nov. 1951
Not a Bit Like Jason
A young girl falls in love with a playboy.
4 Dec. 1951
The Squeeze
A bookie who refused to cooperate with the syndicate is jailed on a false charge.
11 Dec. 1951
A Question of Wills
A young seamstress arrives in town and makes a favourable impression on a mill owner.
18 Dec. 1951
Black Savannah
The mysterious death of her husband puts young Ilse in charge of his Dutch East Indies mine.
25 Dec. 1951
A Christmas Carol
An old bitter miser who makes excuses for his uncaring nature learns real compassion when three ghosts visit him on Christmas Eve.
1 Jan. 1952
The Saint and the Senorita
A husband hunter tries to convince an amnesic that he's her spouse.
8 Jan. 1952
Hunt for Death
Ambulance driver Joe is in love with Chuck's ex-wife. He's also in danger - and Chuck's the only one who can help him.
15 Jan. 1952
The Old Order Changeth
A grandmother tries to prevent her husband from making a fool of himself when he becomes infatuated with a neighbour's beautiful daughter.
22 Jan. 1952
Flame of Faith
Apprehension mixes with anticipation for a blind woman about to undergo an operation that may give her sight.
29 Jan. 1952
Twilight Song
A bumbling burglar is saved from jail by the kindly old woman he tried to rob.
5 Feb. 1952
Land of Destiny
Homesteaders face eviction when a wealthy Californian buys the land on which they have settled.
12 Feb. 1952
The Old Talbot
A Swedish immigrant stays with his American aunt and scares two of the female borders with his noisy and mysterious experiments.
19 Feb. 1952
The Broken Chord
A married man learns that his attachment to his mother is threatening his daughter's chances for happiness.
26 Feb. 1952
The Co-Signer
A storekeeper's generosity is driving him toward bankruptcy.
4 Mar. 1952
An illiterate Mexican dancer believes that she has the property rights to the town where she lives.
11 Mar. 1952
The Secret
An instructor befriends a lonely boy at a boarding school.
18 Mar. 1952
Washington Rendezvous
An American diplomat fears that his foreign-born wife is collaborating with enemy agents.
25 Mar. 1952
Hurry, Hurry
A young man has his future assured as his fiancée's father, the mayor, wants to run him for sheriff. But that's before the young man meets and falls for the daughter of a carnival worker.
1 Apr. 1952
Sound in the Night
A radio mechanic repairing a model radio late at night receives a deadly message.
8 Apr. 1952
The Living Thing
A nobleman, jailed wrongly by Napoleon, finds solace in watching the growth of a plant outside his cell.
15 Apr. 1952
Brown of Calaveras
A prospector neglects his wife in his frenzied efforts to hit pay dirt.
22 Apr. 1952
A newspaperman is writing a series of stories on the exploits of a killer who is loose in his community.
29 Apr. 1952
The Last Stop
Four former Foreign Legionnaires terrorise a young woman and her companion.
6 May 1952
The Hunted Wedding
An heiress tries to find out if her husband married her for love or money.
13 May 1952
The Rivals
A widow tries to cling to her youth by flirting with her daughter's fiancé.
20 May 1952
To Stand Alone
The Army's ready to begin target practice at its new desert location but an old prospector won't leave the area.
27 May 1952
The Imposter
A restaurant owner wants to receive a rave review for her business and awaits the arrival of the critic. She believes him to be a criminal masquerading as the critic.
3 Jun. 1952
Another Harvest
The honest young wife of a fugitive crook plans to pay off his creditors.
10 Jun. 1952
A former big-top performer shields a circus roustabout from the law.
17 Jun. 1952
The Serpent's Tongue
Malicious gossip started by a discontented office worker takes its toll on a young woman's romance.
24 Jun. 1952
The Boxer and the Stranger
A prizefighter leaves for his home town after breaking his hand in a fight. He meets an attractive woman and later feels that she is the murderess who is being hunted by the police.

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