Key Largo (1948) Poster


Lionel Barrymore: James Temple



  • James Temple : Are you thieves or what? You want money, is this a robbery?

    Toots : Yeah, Pop, we're gonna steal all your towels.

  • Johnny Rocco : There's only one Johnny Rocco.

    James Temple : How do you account for it?

    Frank McCloud : He knows what he wants. Don't you, Rocco?

    Johnny Rocco : Sure.

    James Temple : What's that?

    Frank McCloud : Tell him, Rocco.

    Johnny Rocco : Well, I want uh ...

    Frank McCloud : He wants more, don't you, Rocco?

    Johnny Rocco : Yeah. That's it. More. That's right! I want more!

    James Temple : Will you ever get enough?

    Frank McCloud : Will you, Rocco?

    Johnny Rocco : Well, I never have. No, I guess I won't. You, do you know what you want?

    Frank McCloud : Yes, I had hopes once, but I gave them up.

    Johnny Rocco : Hopes for what?

    Frank McCloud : A world in which there's no place for Johnny Rocco.

  • James Temple : A relief train was dispatched from Miami. The barometer was down to about 26 inches when that train pulled into Homestead. Engineer backed his string of empty coaches into the danger zone... and the hurricane hit. Knocked those coaches right off the track. Two hundred miles an hour, that wind blew. A tidal wave twelve feet high went right across the Key. Whole towns were wiped out. Miles and miles of track were ripped up... and washed away. Nothing was left. More than five hundred bodies were recovered after the storm. And for months afterwards... corpses were found in the mangrove swamps.

  • James Temple : [Praying]  Make the big wave. Send it crashing down on us. Destroy us all, if need be. But punish him.

    Johnny Rocco : Shut up, old man! l'm warning you!

    James Temple : Hear me. Hear me!

    Johnny Rocco : I'll kill you!

    James Temple : Make a big wave. Send it against us. Take us all. But destroy him.

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