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Effective, low-budget companion to "The Three Musketeers".....
ccmiller149227 May 2006
A low-budget but worthy companion to "The Three Musketeers", "The Gallant Blade" moves at a brisk pace and has enough plot and derring-do to hold interest throughout. The performances are uniformly good and it is quite a surprise to see George MacReady, who usually plays the dastardly villain, in a venerable and heroic role. But Victor Jory is on hand to supply all the dastardliness and treachery one could want. Marguerite Chapman is the spirited female agent in the toils of Jory, who honestly believes she is serving the cause of France until she's informed of the true designs of Jory. Though I have only seen this film in black and white, I suspect it would be even more effective if viewed in the original color. It's a good-natured period adventure, the kind that is seldom made anymore. Most viewers who enjoy swashbucklers will be pleased with this film, as well as with "The Swordsman" an equally satisfying film in the same genre made the same year and with several of the same cast members.
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