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Texas Ranger Johnny Brown shoots fugitive Sinclair after a long chase, and before the latter dies he accuses his cousin Hack of framing him for a murder, so he can inherit the ranch of his Uncle Henderson. Johnny places Sinclair's ten-year-old son Dave at Ranger headquarters for safety, while he gets a job at the ranch with the help of his friend Banty. Johnny catches henchman Gill cutting fences in preparation for rustling the cattle, and Henderson's locks him up, but Gill escapes that night with the aid of Hack. Hack, the ranch foreman, has his henchmen ambush himself and his uncle while carrying the money for new cattle purchases. Johnny regains the money after killing Gill. Suspicious of his nephew, Henderson rides the range and is shot by Hack's henchmen. Before he dies, he makes anew will naming Dave as heir and Johnny as his guardian. Johnny beats up Hack for assaulting Banty when the latter catches Hack snooping for the new will. Hack attempts to make Sinclair's widow, Julia, ...

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