Out of the Past (1947) Poster

Rhonda Fleming: Meta Carson


  • Eels : All women are wonders, because they reduce all men to the obvious.

    Meta Carson : So do martinis.

  • Meta Carson : You are an idiot.

    Jeff : So's he.

    Meta Carson : You think so?

    Jeff : Why not? He's in love with you.

  • Jeff : If you'll drop this Junior League patter we may get the conversation down where it belongs.

    Meta Carson : You worried about something?

    Jeff : I don't know. Should I be?

    Meta Carson : Not if you do what you're told.

    Jeff : That's why I'm here. I do what I'm told. People trust me. Whit even trusts me twice. Do you?

    Meta Carson : Just as far as I have to.

  • Meta Carson : I was expecting you.

    Jeff : Well... I wasn't expecting you.

    Meta Carson : Should I take that as a compliment?

  • Meta Carson : For a man who appears to be clever, you can certainly act like an idiot.

    Jeff : That's one way to be clever! Look like an idiot.

    Meta Carson : You look like an underweight ghost.

  • Meta Carson : Would you like a gin and tonic?

    Jeff : That'd be nice.

    Meta Carson : You may have whiskey if you like.

    Jeff : That'd be even nicer.

  • Jeff : Just remember, I'm coming out of this in one piece, Miss Carson.

    Meta Carson : Do you always go around leaving your fingerprints on a girl's shoulder? Not that I mind, particularly. You've got nice strong hands.

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