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Robert Mitchum: Keeley



  • Montgomery : Of course, I've seen a lot of guys like him.

    Finlay : Like what?

    Montgomery : Oh, you know, guys that played it safe during the war, scrounged around, keepin' themselves in civvies, got swell apartments, swell dames... you know the kind.

    Finlay : I'm not sure that I do. Just what kind?

    Montgomery : Oh, you know... some of them are named Samuels. Some of them got funnier names.

    Finlay : [with stone-faced expression]  You'll be at the Stewart Hotel?

    Montgomery : Sure, I got nowhere else to go. I'm sponging a bunk from one of the boys. You coming Keeley?

    Finlay : There are one or two more questions I'd like to ask Sergeant Keeley.

    [Montgomery leaves] 

    Keeley : He ought to look at a casualty list sometime. There are a lot of funny names there, too.

  • Finlay : You still don't know where he is?

    Keeley : No. I didn't know when I came in here, and I haven't suddenly gotten any brighter.

  • Keeley : [to Finlay, about Mitchell]  He's homesick. He's wifesick. Maybe she said something in one of her letters that made him suspicious of her love life. I don't know. Anyway, he's got snakes. He's been nuts. But not nuts enough to kill somebody.

  • Mitchell : Keeley, what's happening? Has everything suddenly gone crazy? I don't mean just this, I mean everything. Or is it just me?

    Keeley : No, it's not just you. The snakes are loose. Anybody can get them. I get 'em myself, but they're friends of mine.

  • Finlay : How well do you know him?

    Keeley : I've tried to like him, but he's not my type.

  • Finlay : What did you talk about with Mrs. Mitchell?

    Keeley : It was personal. Wouldn't interest you.

    Finlay : Nothing interests me anymore.

  • Finlay : Ah, Mrs. Finlay'll be leaving for early mass.

    Keeley : Now that I know that, can I go back to bed?

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