The Blue Dahlia (1946) Poster

Veronica Lake: Joyce Harwood



  • Joyce Harwood : Well, don't you even say 'Good night'?

    Johnny Morrison : It's good-bye, and it's tough to say good-bye.

    Joyce Harwood : Why is it? You've never seen me before tonight.

    Johnny Morrison : Every guy's seen you before somewhere. The trick is to find you.

  • Johnny Morrison : [after being picked up]  You gotta have more sense than to take chances with strangers like this.

    Joyce Harwood : It's funny but practically all the people were strangers when I met them. I'm going to Malibu. Is that any use to you?

    Johnny Morrison : What's in Malibu?

    Joyce Harwood : Houses, people. I have some friends there.

  • Joyce Harwood : [sitting with Johnny in a convertible in the hills overlooking Los Angeles]  It takes a lot of lights to make a city, doesn't it?

  • Joyce Harwood : [Joyce offers Johnny a lift in the rain]  Get in.

    [Johnny hesitates] 

    Joyce Harwood : Well, you could get wetter if you lie down in the gutter.

  • Johnny Morrison : I'm sorry, but nothing seems funny to me tonight. It all blows up in your face sometimes.

    Joyce Harwood : What does?

    Johnny Morrison : Whatever you're doing, whereever you're going.

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