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Introducing the blues mama of Broadway!
mark.waltz17 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The droll Arthur Treacher steals the scenery as the assistant to the bland Rod Cameron, trying to promote two society girls who really know how to swing their obbligatos. They are Frances Daeburn and Jacqueline deWit, two obscure young actresses who are trying to break away from the rather staid society functions, or at least liven them up. While Billie Burke is second billed as a flighty matron who can't understand why swing is called swing, she is secondary to the story; in fact, stout Constance Purdy gets better material through her bad singing, sounding like a castrated moose, and getting her share of insults in the process of trying to become the head matron of society's music festival. But it's Treacher as "Chumley" who steals every moment, getting a few good asides at the expense of the butler, a role that he was more than familiar playing. The songs are only so-so, which when added to a silly story, keep this as second rate.
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