Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne (1945) Poster

Elina Labourdette: Agnès



  • Agnès : [looking aroud her new home]  Are you sure all this is necessary? If so, I accept it. But do you realize what we are in for?

    Mme. D : I do. Our life was a nightmare.

    Agnès : And this is a dream?

  • Agnès : [on her new bedroom]  I call this a prison.

    Mme. D : Trees! You have a lovely view of the square.

    Agnès : Am I allowed to look outside?

  • Jean : Since we met, I've felt attached to you by a string. I simply follow it.

    Agnès : Is that string called indiscretion?

  • Agnès : There was a time when I would see a man's face behind every bouquet. Now look. Behind these flowers, there's still a man's face threatening us. That's what we've come to.

  • Agnès : We're unlucky. Every time we meet alone, it's raining.

  • [last lines] 

    Agnès : You're here. In time perhaps you'll forgive me. But don't hurry. So many honest girls become dishonest women. Perhaps I'll show the opposite can happen. I'm not yet worthy of having you come close to me. Wait. Just leave me a little hope. Then you can judge my behaviour. I'll be happy if you can bear my presence. Show me a corner of your house where I can live. I'll stay there without protest. I'm not evil. I know myself. I was weak. And I was in love with you. That's my only excuse. I lacked the courage to tell you the truth. Remember the letter you wouldn't read? It wasn't pleasant. You can forgive me. I won't trouble you anymore. It will be easy.

    Jean : Hold on to life with all your strength! Hold on to me! I love you. You can't leave me! Try to hold on! Fight!

    Agnès : I am fighting.

    Jean : You are my wife. I love you! Stay with me!

    Agnès : I will try.

    Jean : That's an order. You can't disobey! Stay with me!

    Agnès : I will stay.

  • Mme. D : Agnès! My little girl!

    Agnès : I'm no little girl. I'm a whore!

  • Mme. D : Be simple.

    Agnès : Simple?

    Mme. D : Yes, simple, like me. I take things as they come. I ask of things only what they wish to give. These flowers give their perfume, and I breathe it in.

  • Agnès : It must be lovely to live by your whims, to have a string that always leads you to the right place.

  • Agnès : Men are fools. Too bad for him!

  • Agnès : Destiny is tragic, but I prefer a fate we choose to one forced upon us.

  • Agnès : Is there nothing more to life than carrying the burden of one's past mistakes? It's not fair.

  • Agnès : Men are vicious!

    Mme. D : Not all of them. Not all.

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