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Robert Taylor: Armand Duval



  • Armand : Don't you believe in love, Marguerite?

    Marguerite : I don't think I know what it is.

    Armand : Oh, thank you.

    Marguerite : For what?

    Armand : For never having been in love.

  • Marguerite : It's you. It's not a dream.

    Armand : No, it's not a dream. I'm here with you in my arms, at last.

    Marguerite : At last.

    Armand : You're weak.

    Marguerite : No, no. Strong. It's my heart. It's not used to being happy.

  • Marguerite : How can one change one's entire life and build a new one on one moment of love? And yet, that's what you make me want me to close my eyes and do.

    Armand : Then close your eyes and say yes. I command it!

    Marguerite : Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

  • Armand : Yes, you, well you did smile at me a moment ago, didn't you?

    Marguerite : Well, you tell me first whether you smiled at me or my friend.

    Armand : What friend?

    Marguerite : You didn't even see her?

    Armand : No.

  • Armand : I know I don't mean anything to you. I don't count. But someone ought to look after you. And I could if you'd let me.

    Marguerite : Too much wine has made you sentimental.

  • Marguerite : The sort of company you're in tonight doesn't suit you at all.

    Armand : Nor you.

    Marguerite : No. These are the only friends I have and I'm no better than they are.

  • Marguerite : It's hard to believe that there's such happiness in this world.

    Armand : Marguerite. Now you've put tears on my hand. Why?

    Marguerite : You will never love me thirty years. No one will.

    Armand : I'll love you all my life. I know that now. All my life.

    [They kiss] 

  • Armand : ...I warn you, lucky in love, unlucky at cards.

    Baron de Varville : That also means lucky at cards, unlucky in love.

    Armand : We shall see.

  • Armand : Then you do love him. Dare to tell me that you love him. You're free of me forever.

    Marguerite : [Armand grabs her]  I love him.

  • Armand : I accepted her favors because I thought she loved me. I had her make sacrifices for me when there were others who had more to give. But bear witness, I owe her nothing. Take it, come on, take it! Buy camellias, buy diamonds, horses and carriages, buy moonlight, buy a grave!

  • Armand : Fate must have had something to do with this. I've hoped for it so long. You don't believe me?

    Marguerite : No.

    Armand : First time I saw you was a year and a half ago. You were in an open carriage, dressed in white. I saw you get out and go into a shop in the Place de la Bourse.

    Marguerite : Yes, that might have happened. I used to go to a dressmaker at Place de la Bourse.

    Armand : You were wearing thin dress with miles of ruffles, a large straw hat, an embroidered shawl, a single bracelet in heavy gold chain, and, of course, the camellias at your waist.

  • Armand : I'm glad of this opportunity of returning something belonging to you.

    [Presents a white ladies handkerchief found six months earlier] 

    Armand : I found it on the floor when I came back.

    Marguerite : And you kept it with you all this time? Always with you?

    Armand : Yes. Always with me. Like an old friend - to remind me that I'm not the Baron de Varville.

    Marguerite : Hmm. Rather very romantic reasons.

    Armand : No. I kept it as a warning against romance.

    Marguerite : How sensible.

  • Armand : I'll bring this little book as a birthday present. Have you read it?

    Marguerite : I never read anything. What is it?

    Armand : Manon Lescaut

    Marguerite : Who was she?

    Armand : A beautiful girl who lived for love and pleasure.

    Marguerite : [Examines the book cover]  It's a beautiful color, it should be a very good story.

    Armand : Yes it is. But, it's rather sad. She dies in the end.

    Marguerite : Well, then I'll keep it, but, I won't read it. I don't like sad thoughts. However, we all die.

  • Marguerite : Now, why don't you go back and dance with one of those pretty girls.


    Marguerite : Come, I'll go with you.

    [Armand kisses Marguerite's hand] 

    Marguerite : What a child you are.

    Armand : You're hand's so hot.

    Marguerite : Is that why you put tears on it? To cool it?

  • Armand : No one has ever loved as I have loved you.

    Marguerite : That may be true; but, what can I do about it?

  • Marguerite : You should go away and not see me any more. But, don't go in anger. Why don't you laugh at yourself a little, as I laugh at myself and come and talk to me once in awhile in - a friendly way.

    Armand : That's too much - and not enough.

  • Marguerite : It costs money to go to the country.

    Armand : I have money.

    Marguerite : Yes, how much?

    Armand : Seven thousand francs a year.

    Marguerite : I spend more than that in a month and I've never been too particular.

  • Armand : Tired?

    Marguerite : Only nicely tired. Let's go as far as the top of the hill and see what's beyond.

    Armand : Yes. I don't care what's behind, do you?

    Marguerite : No.

  • Marguerite : Are you going to spoil a day like this by being jealous?

    Armand : No, of course not. I always know he's there.

    Marguerite : But, I'm always here.

  • Armand : I could kill you for this!

    Marguerite : I'm not worth killing, Armand. I've loved you as much as I could love. If that wasn't enough, I'm not to blame. We don't make our own hearts.

  • Armand : The past is dead. Heaven rests its soul - if it had one.

  • Marguerite : We went to the theater, Prudence.

    Prudence Duvernoy : What was the play?

    Baron de Varville : Manon Lescaut.

    Armand : Oh, yes. The story of a man who loved a woman more than his honor. A woman who wanted luxury more than his love. You should have found that very entertaining.

  • Armand : I came back to Paris to tell you I despise you and I do! But, I love you too.

  • Armand : Nanine. Nanine. Nanine! Get the doctor quickly.

    Marguerite : The doctor? If you can't make me live, how can he?

    Armand : No-no. Don't say such things, Marguerite. You'll live. You must live!

    Marguerite : Perhaps its better if I live in your heart where the world can't see me. If I'm dead, there'll be no stain on our love.

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