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More De Sica Camerini
Mozjoukine27 May 2011
Big Spoiler!

Slight, brief and again charming De Sica/Camerini vehicle. This one is more artificial, making extensive use of constructed and studio lit settings.

Vittorio's social life is a mess. He's gone through twenty fiancées and got himself shot over it. Vittorio's mirror image remonstrates with him cf. KITTY FOYLE.

He hits on the notion of marrying down cast eyed maid Cegani to distance him from these encounters

Moving to the countryside, older man Ceseri has set himself up as the girl's protector and asks her to tell her marriage of convenience husband she plans an annulment but instead the leads become a couple, sending the old man off miserable - nice end with it's touch of sadness.

The two stars are in their element and Vivi Gioi registers briefly. The support cast are now more comfortable appearing on camera. Technically assured.The telephones are black!
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