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Frances Drake: Yvonne Orlac



  • Yvonne Orlac : [referring to Gogol]  He cures defomed children and mutilated soldiers.

    Marie, Yvonne's Maid : Soldiers? I wish he'd fix one up for me.

  • Yvonne Orlac : How many times has he coughed?

    Marie, Yvonne's Maid : Two, six, eight, who can remember?

    Yvonne Orlac : Maybe he has a cold.

    Marie, Yvonne's Maid : If he doesn't cough, he doesn't love you, if he coughs too much, he has a cold.

  • Yvonne Orlac : Flowers again! A gentleman of the old school, Marie.

    Marie, Yvonne's Maid : Old or new, they all try the same things.

    Yvonne Orlac : [reading from a card which came with a box of roses nearby]  "Tonight I am sad for no longer will I be able to watch you every evening from my lonely shadowed box." And no signature.

    Marie, Yvonne's Maid : A man can't take the same box every night for forty-seven nights without the whole theater knowing who he is. Gogol. Nasty foreign sounding name.

    Yvonne Orlac : That was very mean of you. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, making fun of a famous man like Dr. Gogol.

    Marie, Yvonne's Maid : Well, if he's so famous what's he doing hanging around here all the time?

    Yvonne Orlac : Why, Marie, my public! No, he really is a great surgeon. He cures deformed children and mutilated soldiers.

    Marie, Yvonne's Maid : Ooh, soldiers! I wish he'd fix one up for me.

  • Doctor Gogol : To be near you like this is more happiness than I've ever known.

    Yvonne Orlac : But Dr. Gogol, quite frankly, I asked you here to come here to talk about Stephen, and you must tell me the truth. Will he ever be able to play again? I mean, as he used to play?

    Doctor Gogol : Her thoughts are only for him!

    Yvonne Orlac : He's my husband and I love him.

    Doctor Gogol : Is there no room in your heart, even pity for a man who has never known the love of a woman but - but who has worshiped you since the day he first walked by that absurd little theater...

    Yvonne Orlac : Dr. Gogol, please.

    Doctor Gogol : Oh, I can't be silent any longer! You are a woman, you must have known!

    Yvonne Orlac : Yes, yes, I knew of your feelings for me. I traded on them. And since you saved Stephen I feel deeper friendship for you than for anyone, but I can give you nothing else in return.

    Doctor Gogol : Nothing!

    Yvonne Orlac : Nothing. Even if I didn't love him, there's something about you that...

    Doctor Gogol : Repulses you.

    Yvonne Orlac : Frightens me.

    Doctor Gogol : You are cruel! But only to be kind.

    Yvonne Orlac : Oh, thank you for trying to understand.

  • Doctor Gogol : There's blood on your cheek, Galatea. So it seems that wax can bleed. Galatea! I am Pygmalion! You were wax but you came to life in my arms!

    Yvonne Orlac : Let me go, Gogol! Please!

    Doctor Gogol : You speak! You speak to me! My love has made you live! Galatea, give me your lips!

    Yvonne Orlac : Let me go! Let me go!

    Doctor Gogol : Why are you afraid of me? I love you! I love you! You came to life for me! Don't you know me, Galatea?

    Yvonne Orlac : Yes. Yes, I am Galatea. But let me go now, please! I promise to come back!

    Doctor Gogol : You are lying. You wouldn't come back. You hate me. You despise me.

    Yvonne Orlac : No, no!

    Doctor Gogol : [hearing in his imagination Yvonne's voice saying, "Liar! Hypocrite! You disgust me!"]  But I love you!

    [Hearing his own voice chanting, "Each man kills the thing he loves. Each man kills the thing he loves. Each man kills the thing he loves."] 

    Doctor Gogol : Yes! Yes! Each man kills the thing he loves!

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