Imitation of Life (1934) Poster

Fredi Washington: Peola Johnson



  • Delilah Johnson : What's my baby want?

    Peola Johnson, Age 19 : I want to be white, like I look.

    Delilah Johnson : Peola!

    Peola Johnson, Age 19 : [gesturing to mirror]  Look at me. Am I not white? Isn't that a white girl?

  • Peola Johnson, Age 19 : [sobbing, at Delilah's funeral]  She worked for me, slaved for me. Always thought of me first. Never of herself.

  • Delilah Johnson : Peola won't you be a good child like you can be, darling, and do something for your mammy?

    Peola Johnson, Age 19 : [annoyed]  Oh, don't say "mammy."

    Delilah Johnson : Look here, baby. You go down South, to one of them high-toned colleges, where only the high-toned goes. Wouldn't you do that for me, honey?

    Peola Johnson, Age 19 : [taken aback]  A Negro school?

    Delilah Johnson : Ain't nothin' to be ashamed of, daughter dear. Meet your cross half-way. It won't be near so heavy. Go amongst your own. Quit battlin'! Your little head's sore now from buttin' against stone walls. Open up and say, "Lord, I bows my head." HE made you black, honey. Don't be tellin' Him His business. Accept it, honey. Do that for your mammy, your mother, dear.

    [Peola starts to sob, Delilah hugs her close and starts to sing a spiritual song] 

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