Cavalcade (1933) Poster


Billy Bevan: George Grainger


  • Ellen Bridges : [somewhat shocked as her husband unfortunately drunkenly enters the house, interrupting the end of a visit from Jane and Edward Marryot which he was deliberately sent out to avoid]  Alfred.

    Alfred Bridges : Oh, so this is why you wanted ta get me outta the way, eh?

    Mrs. Snapper : Now Alfred, you just behave yourself.

    Alfred Bridges : Pleased to see ya again me Lady, I'm sure. Welcome to our hovel.

    [she backs away slightly aghast] 

    Alfred Bridges : Oh, proud and haughty, are we?

    Ellen Bridges : Alfred, stop it! Stop it!

    Jane Marryot : [gives Ellen a consoling hug of reassurance]  There there, dear Ellen; I'm so very, very sorry. I quite understand, quite. I'll come and see you again soon.

    [leaves with Edward] 

    Mrs. Snapper : Ya drunken great brute!

    Alfred Bridges : You shut your mouth! You mind your business and I'll mind mine.

    George Grainger : [tries to stifle Alfred and get him upstairs]  Look here old man, you'd better go up and have a lay down.

    Alfred Bridges : Leave me alone! Lot-a snobs, that's what. Lot-a blasted great snobs!

    George Grainger : Now now...

    Alfred Bridges : No, I'm not good enough to be at home when the *quality* comes. Oh no! I'll show you who's good enough!

    Ellen Bridges : [sadly while clutching their daughter, Fanny]  Should never be able to hold my head up again; never, never!

    Alfred Bridges : Ah, who gave Fanny that doll? Her noble *ladyship* I suppose. Well we don't want none of her blasted charity around here.

    [shoves George, grabs the doll from Ellen as she screams, and throws it on the ground] 

    George Grainger : [grabs Alfred and tries to subdue him as he whisks him upstairs]  Come on up here. You're comin' upstairs is what you're gonna do. You're comin' right up here.

    Alfred Bridges : [pushes George down onto the steps as he shouts before stumbling out the door]  Blasted snobs!

    Ellen Bridges : [weeps into her handkerchief]  She was right, she was right: time changes many things.

  • Annie : [referring to Fanny's dancing ability, while obviously butchering the ballerina Anna Pavlova's name]  Dances like Paveliva, that child.

    George Grainger : Dances like who?

    Annie : Paveliva, the Russian dancer. Don't be so ignorant.

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