Thirteen Women (1932) Poster

Jill Esmond: Jo Turner



  • Jo Turner : Oh, you let an old lady beat you!

    Bobby Stanhope : You did not beat me, I let you win 'cause you're a girl!

  • Jo Turner : I do envy you, Laura. To me, life is just an ashtray full of cigarette butts.

    Laura Stanhope : Why don't you marry again, Jo?

    Jo Turner : Oh, I would if I were sure of getting a kid like Bobby.

    Laura Stanhope : What about the present fiancé?

    Jo Turner : Oh, he's a lot of fun. But all he wants is a well-stocked cellar, a racehorse, bridge... anything but babies. Laura, why don't you marry again sometime?

    Laura Stanhope : No. I could never be dependent on anyone again. I love standing on my own feet.

    Jo Turner : I wonder if any woman can.

    Laura Stanhope : Why not?

    Jo Turner : I say, do you remember how you were always afraid the boys would go too far, and I was afraid that they wouldn't?

  • Jo Turner : Darling, I'm sorry to make a liar out of your infallible swami, but I haven't killed myself over a man yet.

    Laura Stanhope : Jo.

    Jo Turner : He should have known that it's the men that kill themselves over me.

    Laura Stanhope : Sit down, Grace, dear, sit down.

    Grace Coombs : Oh, Jo, please don't be so flippant. What is written in the stars must come to pass.

    Jo Turner : Okay with me. I've had a lot of fun.

    Laura Stanhope : You're both fatalists.

    Jo Turner : Mm, sure! When the gods are fed up with me, pfft, voila!

  • Grace Coombs : Do you still doubt, Laura? Are you still laughing, Jo? Yogadachi's been right again. Oh, you must accept his truth as I have.

    Laura Stanhope : That's the trouble with you, Grace, glorifying such rot.

    Grace Coombs : Rot? I tell you that nothing could save Helen, nor May, nor Hazel, from fate. Don't you understand? It was written for them... as it is for all of us.

    Jo Turner : Well if it's all settled for us, why worry?

    Laura Stanhope : Stop talking about it, stop thinking about it! Anyone can think themselves into anything.

    Jo Turner : You two are stumbling in a dark, material world. I am above it, as Yogadachi was. Death means peace, freedom. I shall meet him, gladly.

    Jo Turner : Well, I shan't. Depression or not, personally I'm mad about this world. Oh, go on home, Grace. You give me the creeps.

    Jo Turner : No, no, not I, but what's written for you, only you're afraid to face it.

    Laura Stanhope : Grace, I think you'd better go.

    Jo Turner : Just as you say.

  • Laura Stanhope : You've done a lot for me, Jo.

    Jo Turner : We've helped each other, rather. But with Sergeant Clive around, you won't need me.

    Laura Stanhope : Just the same, I hate to see you go.

    Jo Turner : And I hate going, too, only I don't dare stay.

    Laura Stanhope : Why?

    Jo Turner : Oh, well, I've followed my fiancé, and... I'd believe anything of myself when I'm in love.

    Laura Stanhope : Look here, Jo, you surely don't believe your prediction.

    Jo Turner : I'm human too! Do you know, the only credulous animal on the whole face of the earth is the human.

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