Madam Satan (1930) Poster


Kay Johnson: Angela Brooks, Madam Satan



  • Martha : Madam, you didn't take your exercises this morning.

    Angela Brooks : Oh, I know I didn't, Martha. Martha, is it worthwhile for a wife to break her back to please her husband?

    Martha : It's impossible to please a husband, Madam.

    Angela Brooks : I'm beginning to think so.

  • Martha : But, where are you going?

    Angela Brooks : I'm going to follow your song Martha. I'm going to fight for my happiness!

  • Angela Brooks : I'll get my husband back from you.

    Trixie : Try and do it!

    Angela Brooks : All right, I will! You made him sick of virtue, I'll make him so sick of vice he'll scream for decency! I'll give him perfume and jazz until his head reels! He wants them hot, does he? All right, I'll give him a volcano! They'll have to call out the whole fire department to put me out!

  • Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  The road to my hometown is paved with kisses.

    Bob Brooks : Splendid! Let's break the speed limit.

  • Angela Brooks : A heat wave is coming. Madam Satan starts to burn!

  • Angela Brooks : Who wants to go to hell with Madam Satan?

  • Angela Brooks : [French accent]  You are een love weez love!

  • [first lines] 

    Angela Brooks : Oh, Bobbikin, did you have a beautiful bath?

  • Angela Brooks : Oh, Brown, I found that powder puff in Mr. Brook's room. How do you explain it?

    Brown, the Chauffeur : I use it for polishing the nickel. May I have it Madam?

    Angela Brooks : No. I suggest that you buy yourself a shammy.

  • Angela Brooks : Oh, eh, Mr. Brooks didn't return last night, Martha. He's away on business.

  • Angela Brooks : Did you enjoy yourself last night?

    Bob Brooks : No. No, darling. No. As a matter of fact, I had a terrible time with some out of town businessmen.

    Angela Brooks : Business?

    Bob Brooks : Oh, yes. You know me, darling. I eat business and I sleep business...

    Jimmy Wade : And drink business!

  • Martha : It is a shame, Madam. I know how men are!

    Angela Brooks : Do you, Martha? How are they?

    Martha : Terrible!

  • Angela Brooks : Martha, that's a very dangerous philosophy. It might be - Satan's song.

  • Angela Brooks : True love, oh, true love is believing that the one you love is quite above deceit. New love may come stealing. But, like a thief, perhaps, will meet defeat. Storms come and we must face them.

  • Bob Brooks : That's you all over: cold logic.

    Angela Brooks : You hate me, don't you?

    Bob Brooks : Oh, of course I don't hate you, darling. As a matter of fact, I think you're above all other women. But, below zero.

  • Angela Brooks : Oh, Bob, what a child you are!

    Bob Brooks : Of course, I am. All men are children. They like to play and chase toy balloons.

  • Bob Brooks : I've tried to be your lover, as well as, your husband. Yes, but you don't know what love means.

    Angela Brooks : You don't know what marriage means.

    Bob Brooks : Oh, yes I do! It's a schoolroom and you're the teacher. Well, I've graduated!

  • Angela Brooks : Now, that's just what I need. We'll both sit in hot towels and talk.

  • Angela Brooks : Oh, Jimmy. Oh, Jimmy, I need help. I need advice!

    Jimmy Wade : Do you? Well, I'm full of it. Sit down, dear. Now, you give Bob some of his own medicine.

    Angela Brooks : Yes.

    Jimmy Wade : Get out and make a little whoopee on your own account. I know! Come to a masked ball I'm giving on the zeppelin. No one will know you.

    Angela Brooks : But, Jimmy, I've never made whoopee!

    Jimmy Wade : No? Well, Well, come as an angel! You'll be the only one there.

  • Trixie : Who's the dame?

    Angela Brooks : Of course, you don't know me. I'm Bob Brooks' wife.

  • Angela Brooks : Give it to me.

  • Angela Brooks : I'd like to stay here tonight, if you'll let me. Here where I can find all that I miss at home.

  • Trixie : You can't sleep in that room. It's very noisy! And there's a cat in the alley.

    Angela Brooks : No cat can disturb me.

  • Angela Brooks : Why, Jimmy, you haven't started to undress?

    Jimmy Wade : Oh, I was just going to.

    Angela Brooks : Oh, I really have inconvenienced you, now, haven't I?

    Jimmy Wade : No, not at all.

    Angela Brooks : Well, I'm just not going to leave until I know that you two turtledoves are comfy.

    Trixie : Go ahead and undress, Jimmy.

  • Angela Brooks : I forgot to bring you your slippers, Jimmy. Funny, I never noticed what large feet you have?

    Jimmy Wade : Oh, enormous.

  • Angela Brooks : How can he like you?

    Trixie : Hmm. That's my secret!

    Angela Brooks : Nothing's secret about you. You're common and cheap!

    Trixie : Hmm. Oh, no, dearie! You're all wrong. I'm uncommonly expensive!

  • Trixie : You're just sore because you couldn't hold him!

    Angela Brooks : I wouldn't use your methods.

    Trixie : You would if you could; but, you don't know how.

  • Angela Brooks : I'd give my life to make a home for him.

    Trixie : That's not a home. It's an ice plant!

  • Trixie : Oh, you wives give me a pain. I've heard a lot of that hooey about bought kisses. Your's are the kisses that are bought. Bought with a stylish wedding and a big empty house. Something for nothing! That's the marriage game.

    Angela Brooks : What do you give him?

    Trixie : What do I give him? I laugh when he does. I drink when he does! I give him a pal with lips to kiss and shoulders to hug. I give him a dream made out of perfume and soft lights. I jazz all the dullness out of his soul for him!

  • Angela Brooks : If I believed you, I've thrown away my whole life.

    Trixie : You didn't throw it away. You put it in a safe deposit box and, now, you've lost the key.

  • Angela Brooks : All you've got is a...

    Herman : Is a body! Made out of flesh and blood. Is that what you mean? Well, I'm not ashamed of it. It got me where I am today.

    Angela Brooks : All right. I'll be flesh and blood too!

    Herman : What? In that Mother Hubbard?


    Herman : Oh, you've got a lot to learn.

    Angela Brooks : So have you!

  • Brown, the Chauffeur : Oh, please, take it off.

    Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  Oh, no, please, don't. Oh, I am so sure you would be disappointed.

  • Angela Brooks : Love - such a little word for such a deep thing.

  • Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  You may get burned.

    Bob Brooks : My heart is made of asbestos!

  • Bob Brooks : Who are you?

    Angela Brooks : [in disguise]  Madam Satan. Address: headed on deceit. Telephone: Brimstone 1 - O - O - O.

  • Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  If you come to Hell with me, you may find it - Heaven.

  • Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  Let us drink to this delightful torment they call - life.

    Bob Brooks : Why, life is love. Drink!

  • Bob Brooks : Tell me, what part of Hell will you take me first?

    Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  First of all, oh, first of all, I will take you where the naughty husbands are.

    Bob Brooks : Naughty husbands? How about the cold wives?

    Angela Brooks : Oh, there are no wives in Hell. They get their punishment on this earth.

  • Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  Tell me, what is your name?

    Bob Brooks : Bob.

    Angela Brooks : Nice, Boob.

  • Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  You do not love your wife, No?

    Bob Brooks : I respect her.

    Angela Brooks : Oh, poor woman!

  • Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  I thought you were a sinner? You act like a school boy.

  • Angela Brooks : [in disguise as Madam Satan]  The devil cannot be idle. She must go. A bientot, Jimmy. Au Revoir, nice Boob.


    Bob Brooks : Boob, is right.

    Jimmy Wade : Oh, now, Bob, you're taking this thing too seriously.

  • Trixie : You'll give it to me?

    Angela Brooks : Yes, I'll give it to you!

  • Bob Brooks : [final lines]  I've been an awful fool. To wander so far from my own fireside, in search of...

    Angela Brooks : Fire.

    [lights Bob's cigarette] 

    Jimmy Wade : [singing]  Take your hat and stick and leave while you may.

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