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15 historically significant 'lost' films

Today's generation is surrounded by technology. Rapidly-advancing tools of all sorts are so prevalent in every aspect of our lives that we depend on them, nay, expect them to make our lives easier, more enjoyable, and more interesting. Multi-billion dollar industries such as cinema are in no way immune from the public's desire for bigger and better things. Moviegoers have the options of watching films in a variety of locales, in IMAX or 3D, via regular projection screens or the latest in digital picture. For those who prefer to stay close to home, the options multiply. Satellite TV, cable TV, Redbox, a widespread availability of DVDs, and even the disappearing neighborhood rental store all combine to contain every movie that the discerning film aficionado could ever hope to watch, available at the push of a button or a short drive up the street.

Well... almost every movie. It may seem
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Birthday Suits: Abba Alert!

Celebrating cinema-related birthdays of the day. Is November 15th your special day?

1879 Lewis Stone star of the only lost Oscar Best Picture nominee, The Patriot (1928). No, you'll never see 100% of the Best Picture or Best Actor nominees. Not even if you try

1932 Petula Clarke singer/actress

1937 Yaphett Kotto actor

1945 Anna Frid "Frida" Lyngstad, my favorite member of Abba. I love her so much I'm letting her wear a jumpsuit instead of the traditional suits favored in these posts. Abba's flamboyant fashion sense could never be contained! [see also Abba: The Movie recap]

1951 Beverly D'Angelo actress

1957 Ray McKinnon actor, best known for Deadwood on HBO. He's currently in movie theaters doing fine work in That Evening Sun. And, surprise, he's actually an Oscar winner already having won the Best Live Action Short Film category in for his directorial debut The Accountant (2001)

1972 Jonny Lee Miller, actor, Trainspotter, Angelina survivor, Friend of Jude, visionary lawyer.

1976 Virginie Ledoyen French actress
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