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Tom Denton comes from the East to the Northwest lumber region and becomes co-owner of a lumber camp with Howard Patton, whose bored wife Vera insists on flirting with Tom despite his discouragement. After the partners break because of Patton's suspicions, Tom, as sole owner, declares that his lumberjacks must refrain from drinking liquor. When Tom discharges Slim Dorgan for drinking, Slim visits Bull Larkin, an illicit whiskey dealer, and they plan to dynamite Tom's sawmill. Bull's abused wife Mary, who married Bull to fulfill her father's dying wish, warns Tom, but the explosion goes off early and kills Tom's brother and Slim. After Bull exchanges clothes with Slim to escape, Tom and Mary wed and move to another territory. Later, Bull arrives wounded, but Tom does not know him and Mary, pregnant, is afraid to reveal Bull's identity. After they care for him, Bull shoots Tom. Bull forcibly takes Mary to a dance hall near Mexico, but Tom recovers, follows them, shoots Bull and reclaims ...

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