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Down by the Sounding Sea (1914)

Down by the Sounding Sea (1914)

Drama | Short

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Alice, an old beachcomber's daughter, and Bob, a young fisherman living on an island remote from the mainland, discover a man tied to a rough raft floating in the wreckage of a yacht along the shore. The man thus cast up by the sea is taken to the cabin of the old beachcomber, where he recovers. Bob, jealous from the first because of the attentions which Alice bestows upon John Ward, the man from the sea, one day finds them sitting together on the sand and attacks the convalescent stranger. Only the arrival of a ship containing Ward's wife and daughter prevented a tragedy. With Ward safe in his wife's care, however, Bob sees how foolish he has been and together he and his sweetheart stand with their arms entwined. In the last scene of the photoplay, watching Ward and his wife and child sailing away for the mainland.
Christy Cabanne
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