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1. Leonardo Da Vinci

Art Department | La vita di Leonardo da Vinci

The archetypal "Renaissance Man," Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest scientific minds as well as one of the greatest visual artists the human race has ever produced. The illegitimate son of a wealthy Florentine notary, Piero da Vinci, and a peasant woman named Caterina, Leonardo was born in ...

5. Edward de Vere

Writer | Looking for Desdemona

The 17th Earl of Oxford, hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain of England, scion of the noble house of Vere (his ancestor Aubrey received titles and estates from William the Conqueror in 1066). Poet, playwright, and courtier to Queen Elizabeth I, he received his classical education at Cambridge and ...

6. Anthony van Dyck

Art Department | The Queen's Palaces

Anthony van Dyck was born on March 22, 1599 in Antwerp, Spanish Netherlands. He is known for his work on The Queen's Palaces (2011) and Visnews (1962). He was married to Mary Ruthven. He died on December 9, 1641 in London, Kingdom of England.

7. René Descartes

The Thirteenth Floor

René Descartes was born on March 31, 1596 in La Haye, Indre-et-Loire, France. He is known for his work on The Thirteenth Floor (1999) and Venus Blue (1998). He died on February 11, 1650 in Stockholm, Sweden.

10. Antoine Galland

Writer | Aladdin

French scholar, traveler, translator, orientalist, his translation of the Arabic Thousand and One Nights launched the orientalist phenomenon in Europe. The importance of his Syrian assistant Hanna Diyab in this endeavor has been subject of recent studies.

11. William Wycherley

Writer | The Country Girl

After he wrote the play, "The Gentleman Master", (1672), it was panned by critics, so in the prologue to his most famous play, "The Country Wife", (1676), he offered the actors, mistresses and matrons to the critics in case this was equally badly received. His last play was, "The Plain Dealer", (...

12. Grinling Gibbons

Art Department | The Queen's Palaces

Executed woodwork and stone ornamentation for King Charles II at Blenheim Palace, Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, Petworth House, and St. James's Church. Christopher Wren hired him to work on St. Paul's Cathedral.

13. Johann Sebastian Bach

Soundtrack | Minority Report

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685, in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, into a large and distinguished family of professional musicians. His father, named Johann Ambrosius Bach, was a violinist and trumpeter, employed by the city of Eisenach. His uncles were church organists, court ...

14. Abbé Prévost

Writer | Manon Lescaut

In 1728, five years after being ordained as a Benedictine priest, he fell out with the ecclesiastical authorities and fled to England, where he became a tutor in the household of Sir John Eyles. He lived in the Netherlands and again in London before returning to Paris in 1734.

15. Michel Corrette

Music Department | Désormais

16. Giacomo Casanova

Writer | Les aventures de Casanova

Born to acting parents, Casanova was a sickly child and was raised almost entirely by his grandmother. As a young man, he went to Padua to board with a Doctor Gozzi, and fell in love with Gozzi's younger sister, Bettina. After learning his first lessons about women, Casanova set out as an ...

19. Franz Joseph Haydn

Soundtrack | Minority Report

Haydn had a hard childhood: at six years old he had to work as a boy singer in a choir and after his voice broke he had to earn his money by playing dance music and serving as a butler. Becoming famous for his compositions Haydn was employed as "Kapellmeister" by Fuerst Esterhazy in Eisenstadt in ...

20. Pierre-Paul Prud'hon

Writer | Phrosine and Meledore

Portraitist and painter, whose works were often inspired by ancient mythology.

21. Thomas Jefferson

Writer | Hamilton/Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Goochland County [now Albemarle County], Virginia, USA. He was a writer, known for Hamilton/Jefferson, Biography (1987) and Rome: Power & Glory (1999). He was married to Martha Wayles Skelton. He died on July 4, 1826.

22. Francisco de Goya

Actor | Five Revolutionary Painters

Francisco Goya was born on March 30, 1746 in Fuendetodos, Aragon, Spain as Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes. He was an actor, known for Romantic Versus Classical Art (1973) and Five Revolutionary Painters (1959). He was a painter of the Romantic era and died of a stroke on April 16, 1828 in ...

24. Thomas Lawrence

Art Department | The Queen's Palaces

Succeeded by David Wilkie as Painter-in-Ordinary to the King in 1830.

26. John Stafford Smith

Soundtrack | X-Men: Days of Future Past

Composer, church organist, and early musicologist John Stafford Smith was born in March in 1750 in Gloucester, England. He was the son of church organist Martin Smith and was baptized in Gloucester Cathedral on March 30. Smith attended the Gloucester Cathedral School, where he was a boy singer. ...

29. Anne Lister

Writer | Gentleman Jack

Her diary, which she began at age 15, totaled 27 volumes. The portions concerning her personal life were written in a code that she created; the code was cracked after her death by one of her relatives, who then hid the diary. Helena Whitbread discovered the diaries and re-coded them, revealing ...

30. Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

Writer | Le fabuleux destin de Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

One of the most popular and successful painters of her day, despite her gender. Served as painter to Queen Marie-Antoinette from 1783 to 1789.

35. Nikolay Gogol

Writer | The Inspector General

Nikolai (Mykola) Gogol was a Russian humorist, dramatist, and novelist of Ukrainian origin. His ancestors were bearing the name of Gogol-Janovsky and claimed belonging to the upper class Polish Szlachta. Gogol's father, a Ukrainian writer living on his old family estate, had five other children. He...

38. Louis Spohr

Composer | Virtuos Virtuell

Toured Italy with Niccolò Paganini. Later toured Europe with his first wife, considered the best harpist in all Germany.

39. Washington Irving

Writer | Sleepy Hollow

Elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans in 1900 (inaugural election).

40. Alfred Bunn

Soundtrack | Chaplin

English librettist who became stage manager at Drury Lane in 1823 and manager of the Theatre Royal, Birmingham, in 1826, later working at both Drury and Covent Garden. He was a major promoter of English opera.

41. Henri Murger

Writer | La Bohème

French novelist.

44. Charles Baudelaire

Writer | Messengers

Charles Baudelaire was a 19th century French poet, translator, and literary/art critic. At his birth, Baudelaire's mother, Caroline Archimbaut-Dufays, was 28; his father Francois Baudelaire was 61. Charles' father instilled in him an appreciation for art, taking his young son to museums and ...

46. Mary Ann Mantell

Mary Ann Mantell was born on April 9, 1795 in Paddington, London, England as Mary Ann Woodhouse. She was married to Gideon Mantell. She died on October 20, 1869 in London.

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