Date of Death between 1935-01-01 and 1935-12-31 (Sorted by Birth Date Ascending)

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1. Oliver W. Holmes

Oliver W. Holmes was born on March 8, 1841 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA as Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. He was married to Fanny Bowditch Dixwell. He died on March 6, 1935 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

2. Ruby Lafayette

Actress | The Coming of Amos

Ruby Lafayette was born on July 22, 1844 in Augusta, Kentucky, USA. She was an actress, known for The Coming of Amos (1925), Beauty in Chains (1918) and Polly of the Storm Country (1920). She was married to John T. Curran. She died on April 3, 1935 in Bell, California, USA.

3. Anna Katharine Green

Writer | The Millionaire Baby

American novelist Anna Katharine Green, often called "the mother of the American detective novel", was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1846. She graduated from Ripley Female College in Vermont at 20 years of age. She intended to be a poet, a career choice no doubt enhanced by her meeting renowned poet ...

4. Chiquinha Gonzaga

Soundtrack | Proibido Proibir

Children: João Gualberto [b. 1864], Maria do Patrocínio [b. 1865] and Hilário [b.1868] with Jacinto Ribeiro and Alice [b. 1876] with João Batista.

6. Frederick Warde

Actor | Richard III

Frederick Warde was born in England in 1851, and became a popular Shakespearean actor in the 1870s in New York. By the 1910s his general popularity was in decline, though he was still considered a leading authority on Shakespearean acting. He appeared in The Life and Death of King Richard III (1912)...

7. Szidi Rákosi

Actress | A szerelem örökké él

Szidi Rákosi was born on May 28, 1852 in Ötvös, Hungary as Szidónia Kremsner. She was an actress, known for A szerelem örökké él (1930), Csárdáskirálynö (1927) and Barbárok (1918). She died on October 20, 1935 in Budapest, Hungary.

8. Barend Barendse

Actor | De levende ladder

Barend Barendse was born on August 8, 1852 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He was an actor, known for De levende ladder (1913) and Heilig recht (1914). He died on March 10, 1935 in Amsterdam.

10. Olga Lewinsky

Actress | Napoleon in Schönbrunn

Olga Lewinsky was born on July 7, 1853 in Graz, Austria as Olga Precheisen. She was an actress, known for Napoleon in Schönbrunn (1922), The Curse (1925) and Die Tragödie eines verschollenen Fürstensohnes (1922). She died on July 26, 1935 in Vienna, Austria.

11. Ella La Cour

Actress | Hamlet

Ella La Cour was born on January 31, 1854 in Copenhagen, Denmark as Eleonora Caroline Møller. She was an actress, known for Hamlet (1911), Thru Trials to Victory (1911) and The Right of Youth (1911). She was married to de la Cour, Charles Dornonville. She died on June 28, 1935.

13. Ignát Herrmann

Writer | Príbeh jednoho dne

Ignát Herrmann was born on August 12, 1854 in Horní Mlýn by Chotebor, Bohemia, Austria. He was a writer, known for Príbeh jednoho dne (1926), Tchán Kondelík a zet Vejvara (1929) and Otec Kondelík a zenich Vejvara I. (1926). He died on July 8, 1935 in Revnice, ...

15. Albion Örtengren

Actor | Johan Ulfstjerna

Albion Örtengren was born on November 29, 1854 in Torsåker, Gävleborgs län, Sweden as Frans Albion Viktor Örtengren. He was an actor, known for Johan Ulfstjerna (1923) and Ingmarsarvet (1925). He died on May 6, 1935 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden.

17. Raymond Blathwayt

Actor | The Great Moment

Raymond Blathwayt was born on February 25, 1855 in London, England. He was an actor, known for The Great Moment (1921), Beyond the Rocks (1922) and Wild Honey (1922). He died on December 10, 1935 in Bromley, Kent, England.

18. Eric Lewis

Actor | Brown Sugar

Eric Lewis was born on October 23, 1855 in Northampton, England as Frederic Eric Lewis Tuffley. He was an actor, known for Brown Sugar (1922) and The Happy Ending (1925). He died on April 1, 1935 in Margate, Kent, England.

19. Max Pohl

Actor | Der Mörder Dimitri Karamasoff

Max Pohl was born on December 10, 1855 in Nikolsburg, Moravia, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for Der Mörder Dimitri Karamasoff (1931), Das Fest der schwarzen Tulpe (1920) and Die Furcht vor dem Weibe (1921). He died on April 7, 1935 in Berlin, Germany.

20. Thérèse Kolb

Actress | Rose de Nice

Thérèse Kolb was born on January 19, 1856 in Altkirch, Haut-Rhin, France as Marie Thérèse Kolb. She was an actress, known for Rose de Nice (1921), In the Shadow of the Harem (1928) and Island of Love (1929). She died on August 19, 1935 in Levallois-Perret, Hauts-de-Seine, France.

21. Frank Daniels

Actor | Crooky

Frank Daniels was born on August 15, 1856 in Dayton, Ohio, USA as Frank Albert Daniels. He was an actor, known for Crooky (1915), What Happened to Father (1915) and Captain Jinks' Evolution (1916). He was married to Elizabeth Sanson (actress). He died on January 12, 1935 in West Palm Beach, Florida...

22. Eugène Lauste

Director | Drill of the Engineer Corps

Held 53 French patents by the time he was 23.

23. Cecil Morton York

Actor | Lorna Doone

Cecil Morton York was born on April 29, 1857 in Kensington, London, England as Cecil Morton Smith. He was an actor, known for Lorna Doone (1920), Milestones (1916) and The First Men in the Moon (1919). He died on February 23, 1935 in Denville Hall, Northwood, London.

24. Harriet May Mills

Self | Votes for Women

Harriet May Mills was born on August 9, 1857 in Syracuse, New York, USA. She died on May 16, 1935 in Syracuse.

25. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Writer | Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was born on September 17, 1857 in Izhevskoye, Ryazan Governorate, Russian Empire as Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky. He is known for his work on Cosmic Journey (1936). He died on September 19, 1935 in Kaluga, Moscow Oblast, RSFSR, USSR.

26. John Cossar

Actor | Fools for Luck

John Cossar was born on January 2, 1858 in London, England as John Hay Cossar. He was an actor, known for Fools for Luck (1917), Two-Bit Seats (1917) and The Dream Doll (1917). He was married to Fanny Cossar. He died on April 28, 1935 in Hollywood, California, USA.

27. Dillo Lombardi

Actor | Malacarne

Dillo Lombardi was born on January 10, 1858 in Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. He was an actor and director, known for Malacarne (1918), The Living Corpse (1913) and Il mio diario di guerra (1915). He died on July 15, 1935 in Civita Castellana, Lazio, Italy.

28. Marcella Sembrich

Music Department | 24 Hours in My Council Flat

Taught at Juilliard School of Music.

29. Adolph Ochs

Adolph Ochs was born on March 12, 1858 in the USA. He died on April 8, 1935 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

30. DeWolf Hopper Sr.

Actor | Don Quixote

Best-known for performing the most popular baseball poem, "Casey at the Bat." Filmed as one of the first talkies, 5 years before The Jazz Singer (1927), Casey at the Bat (1922), was included in Ken Burns' Baseball (1994). Hopper, a fervent New York Giant fan, first performed the then-unknown poem ...

31. Alexander Shirvanzade

Writer | Char vogi

Armenian novelist Alexander Shirvanzade was born Aleksandr Movsesyan in Shirvan, Azerbaijan, in 1858. His father was a tailor. At age 17 Shirvanzade found work in the Caspian Sea city of Baku, Azerbaijan, which was seeing a boom because of its vast oil reserves. He worked in various capacities--...

32. Mieczyslaw Frenkiel

Actor | Chlopi

Mieczyslaw Frenkiel was born on July 15, 1858 in Byszów, Poland, Russian Empire. He was an actor, known for Chlopi (1922), Iwonka (1925) and Skrzydlaty zwyciezca (1924). He died on April 19, 1935 in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland.

34. George Farren

Actor | The Cinderella Man

George Farren was born on September 14, 1858 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA as George Francis Farren. He was an actor, known for The Cinderella Man (1917). He died on April 21, 1935 in New York City, New York, USA.

35. Virginia Ross

Actress | False Evidence

Virginia Ross was born on July 4, 1859 in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA. She was an actress, known for False Evidence (1919) and The Red Lantern (1919). She was married to Edward Connelly. She died on January 27, 1935 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

36. Alfred Dreyfus

Self | Captain Dreyfus

Alfred Dreyfuss is known, and earned his place in history, for being unwillingly at the center of a scandal that rocked France from 1894 until 1906. Dreyfuss, a captain on the General Staff, had been accused of passing sensitive artillery information to Germany (it was soon discovered that another ...

38. Earl Jellicoe

Self | Q-Ships

Earl Jellicoe was born on December 5, 1859 in Southampton, Hampshire, England as John Rushworth Jellicoe. He died on November 20, 1935 in London, England.

39. Jack Jellico

Jack Jellico was born on December 5, 1859 in Southampton, Hampshire, England as John Rushworth Jellicoe. He died on November 20, 1935 in Kensington, London, England.

40. Katherine Bement Davis

Writer | The End of the Road

Katherine Bement Davis was born on January 15, 1860 in Buffalo, New York, USA. She was a writer, known for The End of the Road (1919), Our Mutual Girl (1914) and Our Mutual Girl, No. 18 (1914). She died on December 10, 1935 in Pacific Grove, California, USA.

41. Ganjirô Nakamura

Actor | Nihon meiyû no tabi daisanpen

Ganjirô Nakamura was born on March 6, 1860 in Osaka, Japan as Tamataro Hayashi. He was an actor, known for Nihon meiyû no tabi daisanpen (1921), Nio no ukisu (1900) and Kamikûzuya (1909). He died on February 1, 1935 in Japan.

42. Alfred G. Robyn

Writer | The Yankee Consul

Recently moved to 1125 Fifth Avenue from 265 Riverside Drive, NYC where he had lived for 25 years.

43. Forbes Dawson

Actor | Lady Jane Grey; Or, The Court of Intrigue

Forbes Dawson was born on July 1, 1860 in Alfrick, Worcestershire, England. He was a writer and actor, known for Lady Jane Grey; Or, The Court of Intrigue (1923), Down Under Donovan (1922) and How Am I Doing (1935). He died on July 12, 1935 in Wimbledon, Surrey, England.

44. Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Writer | The Yellow Wallpaper

Gilman was born on July 3, 1860, in Hartford, Connecticut, to Mary Perkins (formerly Mary Fitch Westcott) and Frederic Beecher Perkins. She had only one brother, Thomas Adie, who was fourteen months older, because a physician advised Mary Perkins that she might die if she bore other children. ...

45. William K.L. Dickson

Cinematographer | Sandow

Born in France to British parents, William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson stayed in that country until age 19, when he, his mother and sisters (their father had died sometime before) returned to Great Britain. Once there, Dickson--in an early indication of his lifelong fascination with science and ...

46. Jane Addams

Writer | Shoes

Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois, USA as Laura Jane Addams. She was a writer, known for Shoes (1916), Votes for Women (1912) and Animated Weekly, No. 107 (1914). She died on May 21, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois.

47. Grace Duffie Boylan

Writer | A Rumor of Angels

Grace Duffie Boylan was on 9 February, 1861, at Kalamazoo, Michigan, one of eleven children born to Phelix K. and Juliette Duffie. Her father, who had emigrated from Ireland, owned the Dollar House Hotel in Kalamazoo. During the American Civil War he served for eighteen months as a Captain in the ...

48. Anker Kreutz

Actor | Sexton Blake

Anker Kreutz was born on February 16, 1861 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was an actor, known for Sexton Blake (1915), Prinsessens Tilbeder (1918) and Zigeunerprinsessen (1918). He died on April 8, 1935.

49. Concordia Selander

Actress | Körkarlen

Concordia Selander was born on June 2, 1861 in Arboga, Västmanlands län, Sweden as Johanna Concordia Cornelia Hård. She was an actress, known for The Phantom Carriage (1921), A Lover in Pawn (1920) and The Blizzard (1923). She was married to Hjalmar Selander. She died on March 31, 1935 in Täby, ...

50. Ada Beecher

Actress | The Strange Woman

Ada Beecher was born on November 24, 1861 in Derry, Pennsylvania, USA. She was an actress, known for The Strange Woman (1918) and Sunlight (1928). She died on March 30, 1935 in Hollywood, California, USA.

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