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1. Paul Henreid

Actor | Casablanca

Paul Henreid was born Paul Georg Julius Freiherr von Hernreid Ritter von Wasel-Waldingau in Trieste, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was the son of Marie Luise Heilig (Lendecke) and Baron Karl Alphons Hernreid. His father was an aristocratic banker, who was born to a Jewish family whose surname ...

2. George Dolenz

Actor | Scared Stiff

George Dolenz was born in Italy in 1908 to a large family. He left Italy in the 1920s to start a new life and it seemed that he didn't want to look back on his old one. He arrived in Los Angeles in the 1940s and it was there that he somehow met up with Howard Hughes. Hughes signed him up as a ...

3. Laura Solari

Actress | Roman Holiday

Laura Solari was born on January 5, 1913 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary as Laura Camaur. She was an actress, known for Roman Holiday (1953), Duel of the Titans (1961) and Luisa Sanfelice (1942). She was married to Oscar Semere and Arthur Roper Caldbeck. She died on September 13, 1984 in Bellinzona, ...

4. Albert Conti

Actor | The Black Cat

Albert Conti was born on January 29, 1887 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary as Albert De Conti Cadassamare. He is known for his work on The Black Cat (1934), Plastered in Paris (1928) and Torch Singer (1933). He was married to Miriam Wherry (née Patricia Cross). He died on January 18, 1967 in Hollywood, ...

5. Giacomo Gentilomo

Director | Amanti in fuga

Quit the movie business in 1964 to devote himself to painting.

6. Ettore Geri

Actor | Milano calibro 9

Ettore Geri was born on March 15, 1914 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary. He is known for his work on Caliber 9 (1972), Titus (1999) and Cold Blooded Beast (1971). He died on February 19, 2003 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

7. Jole Silvani

Actress | Lo sceicco bianco

Jole Silvani was born on December 9, 1910 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary as Niobe Quaiatti. She was an actress, known for The White Sheik (1952), The Passaguai Family (1951) and I pappagalli (1955). She died on October 31, 1994 in Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

8. Elsa Merlini

Actress | Regina di Navarra

Elsa Merlini was born on July 26, 1903 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary as Elsa Tscheliesnig. She was an actress, known for Regina di Navarra (1942), Ginevra degli Almieri (1936) and I promessi sposi (1967). She was married to Zuccolini, Luciano. She died on February 22, 1983 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

9. Italo Svevo

Writer | Senilità

Svevo worked as a bank clerk, and, after marrying Lidia Veneziani, he directed her father's factory, which supplied a special naval paint. He was much more successful as a businessman than as a writer at the time, his scripts being totally neglected. His fame came when he was over sixty, thanks to ...

10. Boris Pahor

Self | Zdravica

Boris Pahor was born on August 26, 1913 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary.

11. Giani Stuparich

Writer | Dieci registi italiani, dieci racconti italiani

After volunteering in the Italian army during the First World War, Stuparich became a teacher at a secondary school. During the Second World War, he was imprisoned at the notorious concentration camp of San Sabba. Most of his writings deal with the search of his roots (Istria).

12. Danilo Turk

Actor | Supercolpo da 7 miliardi

Danilo Turk was born on November 26, 1912 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for The Ten Million Dollar Grab (1967), Srescemo se veceras (1962) and Laznivka (1965). He died on November 24, 1991 in Lovrecica, Istria, Croatia.

13. Leo Castelli

Self | Painters Painting

Leo Castelli was born on September 4, 1907 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary as Leo Krausz. He was married to Barbara Bertozzi, Antoinette Fraissex du Bois and Ileana Sonnabend. He died on August 22, 1999 in New York City, New York, USA.

14. Nino Crisman

Actor | Malombra

Nino Crisman was born on October 27, 1911 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary as Ettore Krisman. He was an actor and producer, known for Malombra (1942), The Amazons (1973) and Rosolino Paternò, soldato... (1970). He was married to Rossana Martini. He died on November 15, 1983 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

15. Gillo Dorfles

Writer | A proposito di 'Arden of Feversham'

Gillo Dorfles was born on April 12, 1910 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary as Angelo Eugenio Dorfles. He was a writer, known for A proposito di 'Arden of Feversham' (1968), Ultra Dorfles (2018) and Latta e caffè - Riccardo Dalisi, Napoli e il teatro della decrescita (2009). He died on March 2, ...

17. Milena Penovich

Actress | La fanciulla dell'altra riva

Milena Penovich was born on July 11, 1915 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary. She is an actress and writer, known for La fanciulla dell'altra riva (1942), The Last Fight (1941) and È sbarcato un marinaio (1940).

18. Giulio Del Torre

Director | Vento di primavera

Giulio Del Torre was born in 1894 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor and director, known for Vento di primavera (1958), Anime in tumulto (1942) and Le disparu de l'ascenseur (1932). He died on October 31, 1968 in Torre del Lago, Tuscany, Italy.

19. Luigi Malipiero

Actor | Einmal eine grosse Dame sein

Luigi Malipiero was born on April 5, 1901 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for Einmal eine grosse Dame sein (1957), Vater sein dagegen sehr (1957) and Das Rätsel von Foresthouse (1966). He was married to Ingelborg Matly. He died on February 24, 1975 in Sommerhausen, Bavaria,...

20. Rado Nakrst

Actor | Ples v dezju

Rado Nakrst was born on August 4, 1906 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for A Dance in the Rain (1961), The Party (1960) and Three Quarters of the Sun (1959). He died on April 29, 1987 in Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

21. Milena Godina

Actress | Rdece klasje

Milena Godina was born on March 21, 1912 in Trieste, Austria-Hungary. She was an actress, known for Rdece klasje (1970), The Widowhood of Karolina Zasler (1976) and The Medusa Raft (1980). She died on May 2, 1995 in Maribor, Slovenia.

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