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1. Ahmed Shaweesh

Editor | Train Station

Born as Ahmed Omer Mohamed in Khartoum, Sudan; on November 2nd, 1988. Studied his primary level school in Alhurriya Primary School in Khartoum North, and then the secondary level in Bahry Model School In Khartoum North. in 2006 Ahmed started studying English Language in the Faculty of Arts, ...

2. Al-Tayyib Salih

Writer | Urs Al-Zayn

He was one of the most prominent novelists in the Arab world. He wrote about Arab and African search for identity, especially in the 1960s which saw the end of colonialism and the rise of nationalism.

3. Alek Wek

Actress | Suspiria

Alek Wek is a fashion model best known for being one of the first mainstream dark-skinned African models to appear on fashion magazine covers and work both campaigns and fashion shows in mid 1990's. Wek appeared on the covers or been featured in many international fashion magazines including Elle, ...

4. Alexander Siddig

Actor | Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Born in Sudan, Siddig was raised in Britain and attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) where he studied acting and theater. Immediately after leaving LAMDA, Sid did a season of theater in Manchester, in addition to performing in various shows in pubs and small theaters. ...

5. Andréas Voutsinas

Actor | The Producers

Andréas Voutsinas was born on August 22, 1930 in Khartoum, Sudan. He is known for his work on The Producers (1967), History of the World: Part I (1981) and The Big Blue (1988). He died on June 8, 2010 in Athens, Greece.

8. Awino Gam

Actor | Tears of the Sun

Awino Gam was born on saturday November 24th 1979 and was raised in a wide family of Dengwel Kur in Juba (southern Sudan), His father was an administrative policeman and a strict disciplinarian. His mother was a farmer and business lady in the town.

Awino started his studies in Bor in the early ...

9. Daniel Michael Siyoum

Producer | Ben David: Broken Sky

A solid foundation in and an overall understanding of all aspects of the motion picture industry coupled with personal integrity are the qualities that Dan brings to every project that he works on. Dan has worked as a Producer, Director, Manager, Assistant and in Creative Development and Public ...

10. Daoud Hari

Director | Captured in Sudan

Daoud Hari was born in Darfur, Sudan as Daoud Ibarahaem Hari. He is a director and writer, known for Captured in Sudan (2017), The Translator and Le grand journal de Canal+ (2004).

11. Delia Lindsay

Actress | An Ideal Husband

Delia Lindsay is a versatile and talented English actress who has appeared in numerous British films and television dramas from 1970 up to the present day.

In 1970, she played "Alice" in Scars of Dracula (1970), a Gothic horror picture made by Hammer Films at Elstree Studios. Her character is ...

13. Gadalla Gubara

Director | Barakat Al-Sheikh

Gadalla Gubara was born in 1920 in Khartoum, Sudan. He was a director and writer, known for The Sheikh's Blessing (1998), Tajouj (1977) and Les misérables (2007). He died in August 2008 in Khartoum.

14. Hassan Al-Turabi

Self | Sudan: History of a Broken Land

Hassan Al-Turabi was born on February 1, 1932 in Kassala, Sudan as Hassan Abdullah al-Turabi. He was married to Wissal al-Mahdi. He died on March 5, 2016 in Sudan.

15. Hrant Alianak

Actor | A Trip to the Island

Hrant Alianak has recently written, directed and produced two feature films "A Trip To The Island" and "Burning, Burning".

He first made his debut as a writer in 1972 in Toronto with his play "Tantrums". Other plays he has written and directed include his Gangster trilogy, "Night", "Passion And Sin"...

17. John Bul Dau

Self | God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of Lost Boys of Sudan

John Bul Dau was born on January 15, 1974 in Sudan.

18. John Garang

Self | BBC World News

John Garang was born on June 23, 1945 in Bahr al Ghazal, Sudan. He was married to Rebecca de Mabior. He died on August 1, 2005 in Uganda.

19. Khaira Arby

Self | They Will Have to Kill Us First

Khaira Arby was born in 1959 in Timbuktu, French Sudan. She died on August 19, 2018 in Bamako, Mali.

20. Malik Sidibé

Actor | Wand vor der Wand

Malik Sidibé was born in 1935 in French Sudan. He was an actor, known for Wand vor der Wand (2013), 19-2 (2011) and Dolce vita africana (2008). He died on April 14, 2016 in Bamako, Mali.

21. Manute Bol

Self | Below the Rim

Manute Bol was born on October 16, 1962 in Gogrial, Sudan. He was married to Ajok Giugwol. He died on June 19, 2010 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

22. Owiso Odera


Owiso Odera was born on March 19, 1973 in Khartoum, Sudan. He was an actor, known for The Brothers Grimsby (2016), The Thirst: Blood War (2008) and Three Rivers (2009). He was married to Nicole. He died on November 3, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

24. Vendyl Jones

Self | Digging for the Truth

Vendyl Jones was born on May 29, 1930 in Sudan, Texas, USA. He died on December 27, 1980 in Grandview, Texas.

25. Zeinab Badawi

Producer | The History of Africa, the Rise of Aksum

Zeinab Badawi was born on November 24, 1959 in Sudan. She is a producer and writer, known for The History of Africa, the Rise of Aksum (2017), The History of Africa, Kings & Emirs (2017) and The History of Africa: The Kingdom of Kush (2017).

25 names.

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